ドラマティック・エアポート -北ウイング Part Ⅱ (Dramatic Airport -Kita wing part II-) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

Dramatic Airport (North Wing part 2)

The wings decline silently
You bring down the night
Dramatic airport
I peeked at the clock in my hand grasping the handle
My heart runs to the airport to meet you
Your nostalgic letters in the airmail that came
Said "I'll return by your side"
The airport wet in drizzle
On the other side of the front glass
The wings that bring you along
Blurred dimly
Is it the rain?
You said everything ended since we split
I nodded, there were days I couldn't sleep
They bring the white airstair
I see the door opening
The airport of meetings in drizzle
I look for your profile
Running among the crowd
You embrace me only
I need nothing more
The wings decline silently
I push the accelerator
Loves that lived separately
Tonight they become one
Dramatic airport

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ドラマティック・エアポート -北ウイング Part Ⅱ (Dramatic Airport -Kita wing part II-)

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