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If it goes on,
I'll carve myself in gold
I'll be looking at
The only people loving me
The only people devour me
The only people bringing me
A nice "me" effortlessly.
Then I'll engrave into the streets
My name with golden letters
To forget the "once upon a time"
Where the outside
Was less "show-off"
Was only a "hey buddy"
Was only a "so you're goin' ?"
Was only a murky scenery
Oh, oh, oh, cemented with trash
I, I dreamt of new horizons
I dreamt of me sweating
(standing) on these pure stages,
(I dreamt of) those sky-blue gleams
To shout my grief
To create safe reins
And to perfect my appearance (my appearance)
So I've conceived a better (myself) to forget the tough one,
(This one) stronger than the lazy one, who's in me fighting,
Who's in me, self-assured
(Who) has better guts than me, becoming a cold giant.
I'll become mad, oh, mad about me1
Oh, mad, oh, mad like that
If it goes one, I'll only live to appeal,
To be cheered, for someone to suck me
For someone to swallow it all
For someone to tell me I'm not only a dream, but I'm way better
I'd be a junkie of the one making me believe
That everything is more beautiful when it's not in his own land
When it's written on the newspapers
'Cause my life is more colourless outside (social) medias
And from my views I'll make mood changes
That I'll count, fearing to become unknowned again
To fall again into the well
In which I wasn't someone,
In which I wasn't even looked at
So I'll play "to be" everyday, don't care
I'll feed my ego with spoons of appearance
Until I loose my skin, until I loose myself,
Until I bring blood down against the reflection of my way too high... (ego)
I swear to you, I'll become mad, oh, mad of myself
Oh, crazy, like that
I swear to you, I'll become mad, oh, mad of myself
Oh, crazy, like that
'Cause every quarter (of an hour)
I check my contents
If it has, by misfortune
And a little by madness, lost all its magic
Lost all its best
Lost all I am
I'll idolise these clothes
Which are told "of light"2
'Cause it'll take my life
And even in craters
I'd wear it when I scream
Not to see all the wrinkles
Not to see my wars
Not to see how grey
It is, 'till you feel dizzy
I swear to you, I'll become mad, oh, mad of myself
Oh, crazy, like that
I swear to you, I'll become mad, oh, mad of myself
Oh, crazy, like thata
  • 1. Play on words, french is "être fou" = becoming crazy / "être fou de moi" = to be fond of myself
  • 2. "Habit de lumière" (+- "light-clothes") is the french for scenery clothing
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