Lavrentis Mahairitsas - Ela psichoula mou (Έλα ψυχούλα μου) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Come on my little soul

You are such a child deep inside you
You are randomly so good
And you are so naïve
That you can find all that
The smart asses can’t find
You are such a funny face
I’m kissing your fingers too
That’s in a real sticky situation
Why do you want so much to fight
When you have found the truth out?
Come on my little soul, come on sweetheart
I know you are not what you are showing
Other people made fun of you
Cry because when you do so you look younger
Bite your lips
I’m your tissue
I break the ice
Come on stupid
Take my caresses
Hold on not to get lost
Don’t behave like a poser towards me
I don’t have any aces to play
I find out the crack
Where life is relaxing
And adores the lost body
There are no waters of Jordan river
And when you arrive to the port
Don’t get things perplexed
All the sinners are made
Of the same blend
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Ela psichoula mou (Έλα ψυχούλα μου)

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