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Children Of The Desert

I got out of my bubble1
I took my time to look at the world and observe the moon
So here comes the new Diam's, at peace with herself
I'd like for it to go to the children of the desert, okay, okay
Life is nothing but a race and I was first at the starting blocks
What can you do when you've got no father, uh?
Tell me, what have you got to lose? Nothing!
So you run after the dough, you sink, under the blows you start talking
You run, you run, you suffer and then you prove
Of course, man! You gotta be honest! My turmoils turned me into a poet
To the point where I'm offered so much Moët2 I could shower in it
Helicopter, taxi, private jet, I got in without a ticket
From the quarter to the sky, but suddenly people pity you
When you've got money too many can die, too many want to test you, man
Your father comes back to check on you, your worst enemy becomes your ex-boyfriend, yeah!
Little princess, all I did what run away to better shine
First or Business class, in the worst of cases, as long as I had a leather seat
In this race for the pink banknotes, I saw my heroes dying
Backstage it smells of cocaine, and in the houses of the stars it's heroine
Me, just like a stain, I ran after business and money
To the point where I had on my wrist the same Rolex as Nicolas3
So I
Got out of my bubble
I took my time to look at Africa and gaze at the moon
This society is nothing but an anvil
I ran after cash, to the risk of losing my quill
In this race for success, I think I've known Hell
My sister, my brother, I'd like for it to go to the children of the desert
Because I'm not taking anything underground with me
So I kicked doors down, collected credit cards
Black or Gold, after the iPhone I now need the Bold4 and the iPod
And the X-Box connected to the Wii Fit
Sim's evening between girlfriends, we're connected to the Wi-Fi network
Yes I'm "in", people say I'm trendy, just like each and every one of you5
No, I don't want to bother you, I'll use my Bluetooth later on
Comfortable in my Air Force6, I daydream in Airport
Then I compose hardcore rap songs on the airport's tarmac
Around my forefinger is the same ring as Carla's 7
But it's of no use under the stars of Dakhla
Sand desert against despair desert
It looks a bit like victory, my youth, but it isn't allowed to choose its arms
Since the State deprives us of everything, it slaves away and coughs
Driven by crime, it takes shelter in religion or in jail
A sad country which counts of the votes of Le Pen8
So that big shitty capitalists can get on top of the social ladder
So I
Little girl from the suburbs of the 91th, proud of my Essone9
Proud of my rising, I wanted my voice to be heard in every store
And if God tests mankind, I want to be worthy of love
And to all of those who slave away, know that I want to be worthy of helping you
Because to this day I've know everything, wealth and dough,
Depression, crowns, ambulances and street life
I know what I'm capable of, I know what the State is guilty of
The State which releases billions, but never for the taxpayers, no!
Me, 'La boulette'10, I'm owner and millionaire
It was either humanitarian help or trying to become a billionaire
I made my choice and to Hell with you, may those who love me follow me
Now may those who love me drag me, way higher than I aim for
I need some help for my revolution, I need some supplies for my harvest
I need the shouts of my public, because I need volunteers
People say we're stupid and that we should leave
Come on, we're getting out of our huts, we use Marianne11 to
Get out of our bubbles
And take the time to look at Africa and gaze at the moon
This society is nothing but an anvil
It makes us run after cash, to the risk of getting hurt
In this race for success, I think we rub shoulders with Hell
My sister, my brother, we too are children of the desert
And we all have a role to play on Earth
So I
So I got out of my bubble, got out of my bubble, got out of my bubble
  • 1. In reference to one of Diam's' albums, 'Dans ma bulle'.
  • 2. Moët, champagne.
  • 3. Sarkozy, I suppose.
  • 4. BlackBerry model.
  • 5. Pun on 'branché' which means bothe 'connected' and 'treandy (France)'.
  • 6. Nike shoes.
  • 7. Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy's wife.
  • 8. Jean-Marie Le Pen and his family, French politician.
  • 9. Essone, France's 91th Department.
  • 10. One of Diam's' songs.
  • 11. Marianne, allegory and emblem of France.

Enfants du désert

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Thanks for the translation! Regular smile
Just a one typo: Line 1 -> 'bubble'

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