Esmaee (اسمعي) (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Eyad Tannous (اياد طنوس)
  • Lied: Esmaee (اسمعي)

Listen (Esmaee اسمعي)

My woe, what happened to me?
Loved you
Ever since I saw your eyes
Loved you
& you stole me from me
Loved you
Loved you
I Ioved you
Listen, listen
My heart beats
are telling you to come
are telling you
How much do I love you,
& go crazy for you,
& die for you,
for your eyes?
Stay with me
Stay with me
Stay with me
I'm your own maniac (would go crazy for you)
It's not allowed for you to run away
I love you with millis (millimeters)
For me, stay
I'm in deep love with you,
melted by your eyes.
My heart is your own maniac
I can't cheat on you
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Esmaee (اسمعي)

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