Fard - 60 Terrorbars - Las Vegas Edition (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

60 Terror Bars - Vegas Edition (explicit)

Viva Las Vegas, too many tequilas ¹
Black tie and cigar: fuck me sideways; I’m lookin’ great!
Black Jack game player in hardcore mode
Ladies love this arrogance, asshole bonus
Around 16, jail was my biggest fear
But at 18, the dark side in me appeared
Who you want to fuck, huh?
One blow and your blood spills on the street, ²
Wet and hot like a pussy fart
Rap music isn’t for you, go play with your Barbie
I like the game of chance and beautiful women – Charlie Sheen
And even though I don’t like dolphins or horses,
I have to confess
I like a woman with a humungous horse ass
No more bets boy, it’s time to play your game ³
Steady gaze, poker face, Las Vegas, my playing place ⁴
The alpha speaks true, I know no fear
Go down on your knees (go) and pay homage to my spear
Instead of asking me why I pack a Butterfly ⁵
and chase you and your friends through the Wallachia ⁶
Tell me first why your girlfriend’s clit looks like the beak of a parrot
When I was younger, I still believed in my rights
Today, I only believe in God and my right fist
Now in my mid 20s, unshaven and in a bad mood
F. Nazizi -Tyrannosaurus Rex, I’ll devour you
Paranoia meets adrenalin
Junkies don’t believe in God,
But shake before a dental appointment
Germany’s rap dictator’s at the starting blocks
Your rap is like a vibrator, all I feel is pussies and assholes
So don’t talk shit, I’ll tear you apart; I’ll show the whole nation
What kind of an ass you are
This is one sick Arab, why don’t you defend yourself ⁷
Come over here, I want to see how dangerous you are
Fuck Milli Vanilli, Il kill like Billy the Kid
German rap’s like a whore and I’ll fuck the bitch
I’ll write bars filthier than anal sex ⁸
And give you orders as if I were your father
I’m the king of the blows to the face; I’ll come kill you
You’d rather call your mama if evil speaks
But because there’s no solution to your problems
You’d rather run home before the lion eats you alive
I’m a killer and I kill, I know of no pardon
I’ll stop at nothing as long as I move forward
And I don’t give a shit, no matter how hard you are
You better hold your tongue before I break your nose ⁹
I’ll shoot at your friends and chase them through the land
I don’t need a card game; I’ve got a straight in my hand
You pretend you’re Fard, but take a piss sittin’ down
You’re a pussy, you’re word carries no clout ¹°
Now it gets crucial, crucial, F.Nazizi fucks you real good ¹¹
Screw you’re in crowd
Vegas baby, fucky fucky
La Martina, Argentina, expensive stuff suits me ¹²
Underground Rap King F.A.R.D. - the alpha
Whether in Germany, in Vegas, even on Facebook, everyone knows the label with the boys and the baseball bats
Rap is war; today it’s him, tomorrow you’re dead
Put me in front of the judge and I swear, I’ll stay quiet like an evening prayer ¹³
When we were kids, we wanted to fuck with everything and I learned that I couldn’t trust anyone, except my shadow
Meanwhile, I feel like a sharp shooter in Vegas at the black jack table ¹⁴
And my pockets are lined with gold. Ah,
You’re a dog, if I whistle, you sit and you stay down
You little pussy, I’ll turn you into a shish kabob
Come alone like a man, forget your goons and
Paul will get rudely fucked like a whore
Peace Be With You! ¹⁵
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¹ Blutrausch: in this sense, it means doing something to excess.
² straight translation: tropft = drips
³ French: Rein ne va plus = nichts geht mehr = no more bets
⁴ Straight translation: Killerblick = killer gaze
⁵ Butterfly = knife.
⁶ Walachei = Wallachia is a historical and geographical region of Romania.
⁷ Straight translation: Perser: Persian
⁸ Bar: “A bar in music is when a certain amount of time used to compose the music. A bar is a section of the music. Rappers have to have 16 bars to complete a verse.”
⁹ Straight translation: bevor die Nase bricht – before your nose breaks
¹° Straight translation: Du bist ’ne Pussy dein Wort hat kein Gewicht - H2O = You’re a pussy, your word doesn’t have weight, like H2O
¹¹ F. Nazizi appears to be a persona of Fard, he has written of him in other songs too.
¹² La Martina: La Martina is an Argentinean sports and leisure clothing manufacturer.
¹³ Straight translation: ich halte dicht wie ein U-Boot = I’ll stay air-tight like a submarine. When someone dicht haltet, they keep quiet.
¹⁴ Straight translation: Revolverheld = Gunfighter/gunslinger.
¹⁵ As Salamu Alaikum = Peace Be With You, a Muslim greeting. http://www.mccgp.net/


60 Terrorbars - Las Vegas Edition

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