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Daughter of the Wind

*Where the walls of the routine hit the soul*
*Where hearts become hard, I want to stay free as art*
*Without ties like my life, I share, mixed, like life*
*Incompatible with this world*
[Couplet 1]
Free like the wind
I set my sails
Yes, I killed the impossible
The stars are enough
Life of difficulty, I fled
At large, I let go of my rage
And my tears I wipe
I am, and I take off
When the signs decided it
I bow to life
Even my worries resign
On the road, toward unknown
I write my story
Promised land, my exile
Far from what the world shows to us
Daughter of the wind, an enigma
Free but dignified
I free myself, a traveler forever
Valorous enemy of routine
A head full of rhymes
At a time where their world engulfs itself
Sobbing, I left
Where the sun smiles
In search of the only the memories of the soul
Laughter; my freedom
She dictates my voice
I fight inertia
Call me, call me . . .
Daughter of the wind
Because I fight inertia
I flee the routine
Call me, call me
Daughter of the wind
Because life is movement
Their system is nothing but quicksand
Call me
Daughter of the wind
Because I was born
To live in the holes of their nets
Call me, call me
Daughter of the wind
Because routine is damage
Because life is movement
And I want to honor that
[Couplet 2]
I go forward, between the ups and downs
I bounce when the ground collapses under my steps
I grew up under the stars
In a crisis, who do you believe?
Icy world, cold ice
Maybe unstable
But too bad
Alive as long as adventure calls me
It's by walking on the ground
That I healed my pain
Momentum is insanity in the other's eyes
I turn around the sun
Free like the air, and a smile on my lips
From trains to trains, I left through the window
To be free, I suffered
Because I wasn't old enough to be free
So fuck your mroals
Maybe take the opportunity
A crazy life
My life, a hymn to boldness
[Staying] in our places? Never!
The earth is my country
Pilgrimage or journey
To be free or to perish
Like a steam of pure water
On my burning wounds
Connected to the present
[Couplet 3]
I feel good only when I'm in motion
To find myself without my torments
In the opening I look for God
Far from convents and crowds
I often thought of leaving everything
To live my life to the fullest
Because the modern world is so exhausting
But my mission is here
So I leave and come back
Like back when my path came from nothing
My steps come from far away
Any they haven't finished walking
Until the rise of day
Or when death with come to take me
I will leave, as free as I arrived
Between tides
Life taught me to navigate
From experience to experience
Like a blade to a file
I polish my chakras
Until I see my suns are aligned
Daughter of the wind
I never forgot that we are all brothers
That one doesn't sully the sun with dust
Open heart
I rediscover my wings
Don't be angry if I desert the system
Call me . . .
Daughter of the wind
Call me, call me
Daughter of the wind
Call me, call me
Daughter of the wind
Call me, call me
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The part in stars at the beginning is a voice-over not included in French, but can be heard in the first twenty seconds of the song.

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Fille Du Vent

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