Fogo preso (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Mísia (Susana Maria Alfonso de Aguiar)
  • Lied: Fogo preso
Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

Captive Fire/Fireworks

When a captive fire is kindled within us,1
The body-to-body in which it is spinning
Makes my body burn in your heat
And it burns us to a crisp
And, thus, we are slowly killed
By that sudden light
Until we lose out breath.
And then, that's when
One's shadow fills with light
And everything becomes oblivion,
So violent and soft.
Our shocked being shakes off the light
And, devastated, we succumb to its power;
In that prison, the world loses its gravitas
And, in that firework sculpture, the flames float away into the night...
And they achieve freedom.
Fire and contemplation
Flutter around a place
Filled with kisses so purposeless,
That we don't know when
They are fire, or water, or wind...
They flutter around a place
Filled with kisses so purposeless,
That they lose the command
Of their own ability to forget...
  • 1. The term "fogo preso" can refer to a captive fire (repressed, yet intense passion), or more literally, to complex structures to which spinning fireworks are attached in order to create light and fire sculptures - that is why, in the next line, a reference to "a spinning fire" is made.
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Fogo preso

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