Can you recommend some good german music???

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Hello all,

Can any one recommend some good german music???

I know and like Seeed (Aufstehn! great song) and Peter Fox, im looking for preferably reggae / dancehall / hiphop... or anything really if its good.

Thanks very much, and thanks for all the translations...

I speak fluent french so if there's anything anyone needs translating id be glad to contribute...


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If you like dance/hip-hop, try Jan Delay [Mercedes Dance (2007) or Wir Kinder von Bahnhof Soul (2009)].

If you like Urban, Culcha Candela is the way to go [Culcha Candela (2007) or Schöne Neue Welt (2009)].

Marquess is a German group that sings primarily in Spanish: I love their Frenetica CD (2007).

That's for starters....let me know if you want other suggestions.

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Beigetreten: 16.02.2010

I suggest you my favorite German song (cuz I don't listen to much of it) :
Schwarz zu Blau by Peter Fox

And the translations here :
Enjoy Teeth smile

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Beigetreten: 28.02.2009

Matching your style, I like Sabrina Setlur and the silly Yvonne Catterfeld, who is lightly influenced by R'n'B Regular smile

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Beigetreten: 17.01.2010

ROFL, I remember Sabrina Setlur with these Rödelheim boys...("Schwester S"),
Catterfeld I know only as an actress up to now, might be interesting to hear her sing ;-)

Well, what to recommend you: Fettes Brot, Fanta4, H-Blockx (have to check the spelling),
Hans Söllner (the anarchic Bavarian Rastaman)

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Beigetreten: 23.09.2010

Try Marteria (or Marsimoto). He is a rapper from Rostock/Berlin and really good, especially if you understand the lyrics

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Beigetreten: 17.01.2010

Jennifer Rostock are also good, seen them last year at the Spring On Festival ;-)

Beigetreten: 13.10.2011

Duet Alkor – dance a single "Super tra-lja-lja" («Супер тря-ля-ля»):

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Beigetreten: 17.11.2011

Oh Well, I quite like Tim Bendzko but that's pop music. You could try Jennifer Rostock or maybe Laserkraft 3D. Then Casper, he's very good =)

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Beigetreten: 30.12.2011

Try Blumio! I really adore him because of his witty and funny lyrics.

Other great artists are: Clueso, Ryo, Max Herre and of course Casper and Marteria.

Beigetreten: 11.01.2012

These are mainly pop, but they're pretty good. I can post more if you would like.
Cassandra Steen
-Darum Leben Wir
-Gebt Alles
Frida Gold
-Wovon Sollen wir Träumen?
Tim Bendzko
-Nur noch Kurz die Welt Retten
-Vergiss Mich
-Ich bin meine eigene Frau
-Nicht wie ihr
-Wie konntest du nur

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Beigetreten: 14.01.2012

And i like Christina Stürmer, LaFee und Ich&Ich

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Beigetreten: 22.04.2011

Give these guys a listen as well:

-Soehne Mannheims


-Wir Sind Helden

-Xavier Naidoo

Beigetreten: 11.10.2010

ginada marteria is dope!!

chefket and amewu are really good german rappers out of berlin. you can find almost all their songs on youtube

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Beigetreten: 16.02.2011

I guess it's only about artists singing German? Well, there are quite a few....

I can recommend (not only the music but also the lyrics of) :
Prezident (Rap)
Annett Louisan (Singer Songwriter/Pop)
Rosenstolz (Chanson/Pop-Rock)
Max Raabe & Palast Orchester (20s/30s Pop/Cabaret)
Peter Schilling (New Wave)
Steinwolke (New Wave/Electropop)
Das Niveau (Singer Songwriter/Acoustic Rock)
Versengold (Medieval Folk Rock)
Die Streuner (Medieval Folk Rock)
Nachtgeschrei (Medieval Folk Rock)
Knorkator (Industrial Rock)
Coppelius (Gothic Rock/Metal)
Ignis Fatuu (Medieval Folk Rock/Metal)
Asenblut (Pagan Metal)
Riger (Pagan Metal)
Valadir (Pagan Metal)
Wolfchant (Pagan Metal) (also many english lyrics)
Tarabas (Melodic Death/Pagan Metal)
Agrypnie (Black Metal)
Dornenreich (Black Metal)
Fjoergyn (Black Metal)
Todtgelichter (Black Metal)
Jack Slater (Death Metal)
Excrementory Grindfuckers (Grindcore)
Empyrium (Neofolk) (also many english lyrics)

and a lot more xD

Beigetreten: 25.09.2012

An Deiner Seite by Unheilig

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Beigetreten: 09.09.2012

I love Fertig, Los!, and they were actually one of the reasons i started learning German. They have 2 albums out as of now, and each is different, If you want a more laternative sound, go with their first one, which is "das Herz ist eim Sammler", (I dont know what that means, i only started learning german a few months ago, and verty slowly at that) but if youlike more of a pop-rock sound like me, go with their second, which is "Plaene fuer die Zukunft" (sorry, no Umlauts on this keyboard Acute )

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Beigetreten: 23.06.2011


You're getting your Nenas mixed up.

Nina Hagen:

Nena and 99 Luftballons:

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Beigetreten: 16.02.2011
dukepayen wrote:

(if you’re soooo 90s and buying a CD, lol).

I hope you mean that ironically. At least in the less mainstreamy music scenes people still normally buy CDs. I'd never pay for just the MP3s (except a band only sells their music digitally, and even then...).
I'd maybe call it 90s to buy vinyl btw, even though I can understand all these people that still do.

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Beigetreten: 19.10.2012

I like Philipp Poisel's music! Is there more artists like this one in german music scene?

Beigetreten: 01.10.2011


Well, thats a thing I cant really say..
There are many artists who sing songs like he does, with the same meaning etc. but everyone's unique I think!

I would say "Bakkushan" (with songs like ,Nur die Nacht' is a bit like Philipp, or bands like Jupiter Jones, Wir sind Helden.. Wink smile

Ich mag deine Auswahl an Bands..^^ Grad Ignis Fatuu z.B. ^^

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Beigetreten: 19.10.2012

Thanks! Regular smile

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