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LT got new feature - now users can 'friend' each other from the profile page (under the 'Send PM link)

You can check the friends list in the profile upper tabs. There is another new tab in profiles - 'Friends Feed' tab - you'll see your friends' updates there.

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Awesome! I wonder what social features it will bring.
I really do believe that by making this site more and more social, traffic will increase, and people will start seeing it as more than just "this site I visit once evey couple months to request lyrics or write some" (or worst). I really can't think of anything special to add to it right now, but I'm definitely looking forward to some innovating social functionality that would contribute both to the site and the users.
And btw, thanks for the 'last seen' feature too.

p.s - one more thing, most users don't enter the forums so I really think this friend feature should be presented as some special notification for all users to see. This will get it going much faster!

Great job lt! Regular smile

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