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Member Hamed M
Beigetreten: 20.12.2011
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I've been trying to post a persian translation of Adamo's "Tombe La Neige", but whenever I click on submit, I face this error:
"an illegal choice has been selected. please contact the site administrator"
anyone knows why?

Retired Moderator Absolute Froggy
Beigetreten: 28.06.2011

It pops up if you forget to select what language are you translating to. If that happens, just copy the text and translate the song again, but don't forget to select the language.

Retired Moderator
Beigetreten: 19.05.2008

Zhabba's right. You forgot to add the language or maybe forgot to add the artist. Anyways, you just forgot one piece of information to complete the translation.

Member Hamed M
Beigetreten: 20.12.2011

Thanks! It is solved.

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