Mahsun Kirmizigül - Nemrudun kizi

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Hi. Was hoping someone was interested in translating this beautiful song.

Here are the lyrics
Nemrud'un kýzý

Nemrud' un kýzý yandýrdý bizi
Çarptý sillesini felek misali
Sil yazýmýzý kurtar bizi
Çarptý sillesini felek misali
Mevlam gör bizi

Ocaðým söndü nasýl beladýr
Býrakýp getti bu ne devrandýr
Dünya gözümde kerbeladýr
Allah' tan bulasýn

Kararsýn bahtýn yýkýlsýn tahtýn
Yalvardým yakardým yol bulamadým
Ah doðmasaydým kara yazým
Evirdim çevirdim yaranamadým
Ayandýr halým

And here is the link for the song on youtube

Thanks in advance Regular smile

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Nemrud's (1) daughter wrecked me
She knocked me down like the fate
Wipe out my destiny and save me
She knocked me down like the fate
The Lord, help me

She ruined my family, what kind of a sorrow is that?
She left me, what kind of a fate is that?
The world seems to me like Kerbela(2)
May God punish u

May u be fated to sorrow, may ur throne go down
I begged her but couldnt find a way out
I wish i wasnt born, my black fate
I did all i can for her, but couldnt make up to her
U see how I am

(1)Nemrud: an ancient king known for his cruelty
(2)Kerbela: A place where a big fight between two group of moslems occured and the grandchildren of The Prophet were killed. A place of battle.

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Thank you very much for the good translation. Regular smile

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u r very welcome Teeth smile

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u translate it well thank u

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I like it. thanks for share

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