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Can anybody translate the lyrics of the song in this video to english?
Thank you very much!


Casca un mambo, _________ (there) falls a mambo
casca un mambo _________ (there) falls a mambo
nella notte scura __________ in the dark night

bruciano i cuori ____________ (there) burn the hearts
bruciano gli amori __________ (there) burn the hearts
delle lucciole, bambina ! ______ of the fireflies, baby !

Bacio il cielo, _______________ I kiss the sky
bacio il cielo ________________ I kiss the sky
tra i bagliori della festa, _______ among the glares of the feast

A cavallo sulle note, ___________ Riding on the notes (1)
un passo indietro ____________ a step (toward) back
e non sei rimasta in testa ! _____ and you didn't remain in (your) head !

Finché l'alba, per noi, ________ Till the sunrise, for us,
non vorrà il venire ... _________ wouldn't want the (its) coming ... (2)
fino all'imbrunire ! ___________ till the dusk !

(Vivi la vita Peroni) __________ Live the life Peroni (3)

(1) : lit: "On the horse on the notes"
(2) : "vorrà il venire" is very unusual, it has to be translated with the verb as a object ("the coming of itself")
(3) $$$$

Beigetreten: 31.05.2011

Thank you so so much 581C!

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who sings this song?

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