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Beigetreten: 29.08.2011
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can someone of the admins or moderators please put the following (right) lyrics and infos at this page: http://lyricstranslate.com/de/Hatzidakis-Manos-Tasteri-tou-voria-lyrics...., because the 'adding' user is over a year inaktiv?

Songtitle: T' asteri tu voria (Τ' αστέρι του βοριά)
Album: Soundtrack of the Film "America, America", 1963 (Elias Kazan)
[Lyrics: Nikos Gatsos
music: Manos Hatzidakis
Original title: Prologue (The Northstar)
singed first time by:
Vasillis Riziotis & Giorgos Romanos

Τ' αστέρι του βοριά
θα φέρει η ξαστεριά
μα σαν φανεί μέσα από το πέλαγο πανί
θα γίνω κύμα και φωτιά
να σ' αγκαλιάσω ξενιτιά

Κι εσύ χαμένη μου Πατρίδα μακρινή
θα γίνεις χάδι και πληγή
σαν ξημερώσει σ' άλλη γη

Τώρα πετώ για της ζωής το πανηγύρι,
Τώρα πετώ για της χαράς μου τη γιορτή

Φεγγάρια μου παλιά
καινούρια μου πουλιά
διώξτε τον ήλιο και τη μέρα απ' το βουνό
για να με δείτε να περνώ
σαν αστραπή στον ουρανό.]

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7fcD7Wa5AY

Thank you...

Beigetreten: 22.03.2011

Hello! I did it, but just check if it is OK...'cause the page was in German and the text in Greek...and I don't understand any of these two languages ;-)

Beigetreten: 29.08.2011

Oh, great work, thank you, my dear! Biggrin

Next time you do something like this and you don't understand the text, maybe you just "Select your language" (in the top, right side) Wink smile

One more: my additional informations (lyrics, music etc., I put them between "[...]") I used to add them in the "Lyrics"-field with strong letters (you can find the "More formatting options", just before the "video"-field), because only this way you can see them in all of the translation. You can't see the "authors comment" of the original lyrics in the translations of the song, because the translation-sides have their own "authors comment"s... 8)

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