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Beigetreten: 10.10.2023
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Could it be possible for yall add a language called "Waray"?
in case you don't know what is waray, here is a information i got from wikipedia:
is an Austronesian language and the fifth-most-spoken native regional language of the Philippines, native to Eastern Visayas. It is the native language of the Waray people and second language of the Abaknon people of Capul, Northern Samar, and some Cebuano-speaking peoples of western and southern parts of Leyte island. It is the third most spoken language among the Bisayan languages, only behind Cebuano and Hiligaynon.

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There need to be three submissions in a particular language to add it (either songs or translations). Are there three pieces of content in Waray on LyricsTranslate?

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We already have Waray-Waray, is it a different language?

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As far as I am aware, Waray-waray, Waray, Binisaya nga Waray, and others are names for the same language spoken in Samar and Leyte. However, Waray is the name more formally and commonly used for both the language and people.