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:confused: Hello,

I live in Tampa, Florida and I am in need of some assitance. I need to start off by telling you I do not speak spanish and I already know up front there is a good chance you are going to read this post and laugh...but Im willing to try.

About two months ago someone I deeply care about was riding with me and we were listening to the spanish station 92.5. A song came on by a spanish artist (I think their first name began with a 'J', possibly Johny? Sadly, the artist I am completely unsure of...) and the only line I can recall from the song is "I didnt know I would love you so much..." *sigh

I have tried for quite a while to find this song, online and I have asked a spanish friend of mine and they couldnt come up with anything. I have tried going to the website for the radio station and went down their calendar trying to cut and paste spanish songs into google to recieve a translation for the song... haha its a bit ridiculous, but I continue to try.

It would really be appreciated beyond belief if anyone could help in any way. I have been trying to find the song for so long and I am simply borderline desperate to find it...


Thank you.


Maybe the artist is João Anderson...


You don't say if the "artist" you are searching for is a solo act or group, male or female. You refer to "their" first name, plural, indicating a I don't know.

I did find a song by Alexa Vega, who is from Miami, singing, "I didn't know I would love you so much."

I hope this is helpful.

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The song by Alexa Vega, if that is indeed what you wanted, is from the movie "Repo the Genetic Opera", and can be found on YouTube here:

Regular smile thought I'd help

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