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Freestyle Phoenix Radio

[Intro : Radio host, Gringe & Orelsan]
- 92.7 FM, Phoenix Radio , "Tout Feu Tout Phase", the radio broadcasted in the whole Calvados
I'm gonna speak by the name of Dj Do It, and let meintroduce you to my guest this evening : a long time friend, my home boy, Guillaume Tranchant...
- Euh, "Gringe" ! I'm, It's... It's Gringe, I'm... (Greenje)
- Big up to the Ifs's "l'IUT info'com'". And, this evening, you came with your home boy, I let you intrduce him or you want to introduce yourself, ya know ... ?
- eh, come on...
- Aurélien !
- Orel' ! Euh... his name is Orel', in fact..., he's...
- Mmh ok, awesome. You're ready, dudes ? We drop the beat ?
- Yeah, yeah !
- We drop the beat ? 'kay, drop the beat, Dj, give them a il' sound so they rock that in "Tout Feu Tout Phase" !
[Verse 1 : Gringe]
I arrive in class with more lateness than a pregnant woman.
Feet on the table, white Reebok, size 11
I give back a blank exam paper, don't leave any handprints
It's everyday Sunday, if you receive me well, give me five
there's nothing to do, I'm lazy
like a serious illness, my boy deal my weed bag.
Easy money, girls too, obsessed by both
So I count my bills while your girlfriend sucks me
Put on some sound, It's how I immerse myself
I don't care if I smash everything, I already fuck sixty virgins
For me, rap, is easy like a math exercise
MC, you're dead in the egg, MC, you're dead on the Easter Island
Dude, we bring new blood, high like a crack pipe
Get closer to the speakers, end your life like Simple Jack
And I give that old fashioned way, era tattoo and bob Kangol
When we puffed on to the filter without it to go like a menthol cigarette
[Verse 2 : Orelsan]
The best band ever with an extra-income
My girlfriend is a fifteen years old, we play weird games with her skip rope
I'm Mick Jagger who do telesales
I know better my reflection on the draught beer machine than my own face
I do all the contrary i'm supposed to do, proof ? I rap.
I launch their albums with one only track, one back
These young harlot dream about their lives in a perfume add
We live in preventive add where the youngs die at the end
Not even sure if I deserve to live
Pessimist, it's the sixth time in this week I do a AIDS screening test
I've got some trouble to come when I'm stoned
I only thrust, I fuck 'till the condom expire
I hang out with innapropriate dudes
Who takes all-the-aphabet-letters named drugs
Backward teenagers, shaved head hooligans
Stiffs, three am on foot at the McDrive
[Verse 3 : Gringe & Orelsan]
We smash your B-side with the biggest bestiality
You're gonna pay dearly, It's almost like pay sex
I fuck so good the production, that I'm scared to see my exs come back
I'm born to be sacrified, let me kick that
I come to rap the ugly's people sexual life
I come to smoke my weed stock, laminate slivers in the pockets
our life, it's a suicide, I'm neurotic, me, I sell weed
I'm up to no good, frigid hookers, crappy plans
I don't articulate when I talk, total woozy mind
I move slow 'cause I multiply the time by two
The style is scandalous, copy-us, you'll sing better
We take your place in the line, shout out to the lame kids
Everywhere we go, we hear : "Oh no, not theeem ..." Casseurs Flowters, we make the train derail, the others have missed fifteen boats
I finger you with dirty nails while you suck my rod
Aways the same question : When do we have an ounce of glory ?
" Hé, don't worry, kiddo, we're gonna conquer the world tonight..."
[Verse 4 : Orelsan & Gringe]
Orel et Gringe : beanie white and white beanie
My rap is so violant that you're gonna fail your final exam
I do melancholic sounds, yours are dumb to cry for
I spend my days in my bed, even Jesus couldn't get me to my feet
It's half assed-job, so he would never be done again
I often get my balls and my credit card swallowed
You want to know the spell ? I keep the secret
Everything we're gonna leave behind : tears and regrets
Faster than you when you sprint
You want to know what do I think about your album ? None
I collect the liars and the hangovers
To avoid my chick, it's giant slalom
Turn it up, I want the neightbors to freak out
It would take a lost bet to do a feat together
The similarity between your girlfriend and mine : her dick
I bang her and I fall asleep in seastar position #Patrick
Us, we would never fit
Us, we come to reinvent the wheel
We're all you'll never see in GQ
The pic is the one damaged, I'm the one blurry
Savage and cute like two red pandas
It's balneotherapy rap, we drag them in the mug
Us, we just try to look normal
When they would do anything to look insane
You speak under coke, we make the powder speak
Find us where you see the lightning fall
The bus background's idiots, nasty dumbasses
We make your hardcore band look like a christian rap band
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Kommentare des Autors:

1- The " Calvados" is a french region.
2- "Ifs's "l'IUT info'com'" is a french (caennais) school.

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