Geldi geçti ömrüm (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Yunus Emre
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Geldi geçti ömrüm

Geldi geçti ömrüm benim şol yel esip geçmiş gibi
Hele bana şöyle(gelir) şol göz açıp yitmiş gibi
İşbu söze hak tanıktır bu can gövdeye konugtur
Bir gün çıka gide kuş(kaçıp) uçmuş gibi
Miskin Adem oğlanının benzetmişler ekinciye
Kimi biter kimi yiter yere tohum saçmış gibi
Bu dünyada bir nesneye yanar içim göynür özüm
Yiğit iken ölenlere gök ekini biçmiş gibi
Bir miskini gördün ise bir eskice verdin ise
Yarın anda sana gele hak şarabın içmiş gibi
Yunus Emre bu dünyada iki kişi kalır derler
Meğer Hızır İlyas oda Ab-ı hayat içmiş gibi.
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Life came and went

Versionen : #1#2
My life came and passed like a tornado, gone
this is how it feels, within a blink of an eye
The deal is, these words have known The Truth
The heartbeat is a fleeting guest to this great body,
One day, it goes out flying away gone like a bird
The Mystic sons of Adam likened it to a garden
Some seeds flourish while others die and nourish
In this world I yearn for The Objective, I burn deep within my Oz
For those fearlessly protecting others while tasting death
The heavens is a garden bearing fruit
If you see a mystic, if you give just one hand-me-down
The next day you’ll feel drunk with the wine of The Truth.
They say, Yunus two will remain at the end feeding on the garden
All along it’s as if Hidhir Elias was tasting Life (Aqua vitae)
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Kommentare des Autors:

öz is the true self of a being, the self that is hidden deep within...following the brick road is how you get to öz

Hidhir pronounced Hizir phonetically, he is a mysterious character. In legends Hizir appears dressed in green lined with white(like santa). He wears green to signify bounty much like the greek god of harvest.

in popular culture Hizir is Melchizedek king of salem, appears in “The Alchemist”

In Islamic tradition Hizir is part of the holy spirit of life (angelic)…

in Judaic tradition Hizir is the being that taught Moses important life lessons such as, the short sightedness of Human beings. not knowing how each person has a spiritual carbon footprint, which directly effects the carbon footprint of all seen matter. angel of Hayyot
There are angels of the water, rivers, mountains, hills, abysses, deserts, sun, moon, Pleiades, Orion, herbs, Paradise, Gehenna, trees, reptiles, wild beasts, domestic animals, fishes, locusts, birds, chief angel of angels, of each heaven (there are 7 heavens), chief angel of each division of the heavenly hosts, chief angel of holy Hayyot, chief angel of the cherubim, chief angel of ofanim, angel of the Sabbath, angels of the 4 kingdoms (Babylon, Media, Greece, Edom), seraphim, of mercy, love, grace, fear, dread, day, night, Angel of the Face, truth, justice, peace, one who has charge over embryos to give them form and shape, angels of trembling, angels of quaking, angels of horror.

Ilias \i-lias\ as a boy's name is of Greek origin. Variant of Elijah (Hebrew) "the Lord is my God".
Ilias variant form: Ilie, Elias, Elyas Ilyas and Elis.

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Sounds like Hidhir ilia getz around