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My name is Sehovic Selver
I was the SUP inspector, strict and righteous
Or what friends would say - classical genter
My brother Elci is a reveler
He likes to gamble, rob and steals
Elci has always been on the other side of the barricade
His girlfriend was called Elma
And it was a fresh start for him
He started working at TAS, he was on the right path
The March 23. he put a ring on her finger
On the 6th of April Elci was already in the war
It was a crazy night, when Elci decided to go
Elma was kissing him and me
While the band played in the bar:
"One woman's tears are still running today."
That was the time
When fear came to the city
It was a timewhen u quickly could find out 'who's a man,' and who's stinking
It was the time when strong ones fall
Because of Marlbor (Cigarettes) and coke Elma has sold her self
Mirsi Kujači (to this man)
Mirso was a fake hero
He was in the war for three days
He got a jeep and a chrome gun and became a businessman
He once wanted to by one tour (of drinks), I said - "Do not waste your money."
And he will say - "It's not the safun (soap) , it will not be spent."
And I remembered the night when Elci decided to go
And Elme who was kissing him and me
While the band played in the coffee bar
"One woman's tears are still running today."
When Elci came back, he came to me
And he started to tear apart her pictures
I said - "Bro, do not run for the tram, or for the woman."
And he would say to it - "Selvere brother, I placed her in front of me (in his heart)."
Come on bro, why do you need this to fuck your life
Because of the strumpet woman
Elci has parked, in the late hour
In the car he roll a joint to become a lit bit braver
He went out of a car and started to yell
"Where are you Mirso, motherfucker, you dump mouse from the mosque!"
They called me, but I came late
I saw a dead man there, and I saw Elci tied
"Give me some space." - I said - "The Federal Police.
What are you staring at ??? Get out of here! "
I menage to give him some money in the car
I told him in the car to run away over the border
In Mostar, a man is making papers for you
Be over the border before morning time!
It was a rainy night when Elci decided to go
It was the last night, for him and me
And on the radio the band was playing
"One woman's tears are still running today"
My name is Šehović Selver
Today I'm hypocritical man, policeman without honor ... simple case
Or what would friends say - classical dunderhead
Elci sometimes calls from different cities
And sends a postcard that always says the same
''You are or barefoot or wealthy''
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''You are or barefoot or wealthy''- is not a a literately translate.. This is something that is famous in Bosnia..something like a slang..
Bos- is literately barefoot, poor.. without anything
Hadzija- is actually a man who has finished The Hajj- Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest city for Muslims...
But since trip to Hajj is really expensive, people who are wealthy in Bosnia simple people are calling Hadzija..

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