Saber Al-Roubai - Girhi Ma Shefi (جرحي ما شفي) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

my wound hasn't healed

my mound hasn't healed/ the pain remains even when the wound is asleep
no matter if you apologise/ your apology is an erased ink on a paper
every sigh knocks blame on your door and weeps
and everyday that you've been away from my eyes, laughter went away too
you've got my heart used to wist and abandonment
I will live the remainder of my life for myself
and I will wipe off whats left of your scent from my clothes
my wound hasn't healed
you came back to me/ with everything broken in yourself
begging for us to meet/ you know that I can mend you
what you don't know yet
is that tears have disappeared from my eyes
and my longings turned off
stay where you were
If you wish to use any of my works, kindly consult with me first.
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Girhi Ma Shefi (جرحي ما شفي)

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