For God's sake

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Idiomatische Übersetzungen von „For God's sake“

Pour l'amour de Dieu
per l' amore di Dio
Pentru numele lui Dumnezeu
por el amor de dios
Tanrı aşkına
Isten szerelmére

Bedeutungen von „For God's sake“


Used to express impatience, surprise, anger

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per l'amor di Dio, per l'amor del cielo

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Erklärt von BrandieBrandie

برای بیان بی صبری، حیرت، عصبانیت و ... استفاده میشه
تو رو بخدا

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Sabırsızlığı, hayreti, öfkeyi ifade etmek için kullanılır.

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„For God's sake“ in Songtexten

Los Panchos - Maybe, Maybe, Maybe

You lose time
Thinking, thinking
For God's sake
How much longer? How much longer?

Najwa Farouk - My heart is hurt

My heart is hurt, I am so tired,
My soul is lost, I feel sorry for myself,
My heart is hurt, I am so tired,
My soul is lost, I feel sorry for myself,

Andrea Bocelli - Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

You are wasting your time
Thinking, thinking
For God's sake
How much longer? How much longer?

Zayn - For God's Sake

It's diffucult to get away from your love

For God's sake
A betrayal again

Zayed Al Saleh - My heart in pain

Cruelty in the people ? Or is it the world that is Cruel

Please for God's sake from this life and from this world
God my only concern is to put an end for everyone who is injustice

Dhurata Dora - My chicks

Part 1:
It's 4 in the morning
I am waiting for you for god's sake
It's not the first time

Nizar Qabbani - The Impossible Love

you're the woman that grabs the
heart in her hands. for God's sake
don't leave me , don't leave me

Mexican Folk - Adelita (Little Adela)

and if should I die in the war,
and my body be taken and buried,
Adelita, for God's sake I beg you,
that for me you do not mourn.

Natan Goshen - I Came To Dream

And how are there people who still applaud that
And why do I rant so much on Friday afternoon
For God's sake, how did I not notice I'm already 32.

Camilo Sesto - The love of my life

You have been the love of my life,
and the love of my life, you still are.
For God's sake, don't pull me out of you,
on my knees I beg you don't leave me like this.

Nassif Zeytoun - For God's Sake (please )

I will turn it off so the people don't see us

for God's sake (please ) trust me and never cry
I will turn off the lights of the world so no one can talk

Enis Bytyqi - Υou

You had in your hand a lot of love
(how much) wealth even I didn't know
No,I don't know (for )god's sake I don't know
What you missed

Nassif Zeytoun - For God's sake

For God's sake is there anyone loves you like i do
Even the moon comes to the earth for you
For God's sake is there anyone loves you like i do, i obliged it to give you its place

Ishay Ribo - Here Come the Days

Probably the reason for the increase of lines1 to the main cash register
We heard torches and we saw the voices
The mountain smoking, for God's sake, how could this heart still be sleeping
In the line for the main cash register

  • 1. "Aliyah LaTorah" is also the act of reading from the Torah.

Agust D (Suga) - 이상하지 않은가

You think you got taste?
Oh babe, how do you know?
I mean for God's sake
Errything's under control

Guillaume de Machaut - Sweet, Beautiful Lady

Sweet, beautiful lady
For God's sake, do not think
That anyone rules over me

Raulín Rodriguez - Nereyda

That counting the stars perhaps I can fill this void left by your Heart

Oh Nereyda, come back for God's sake, Come

Nabyla Maan - The Evening Sun

The evening sun is about to go down and my eyes filled with tears because of separation
It set her lines upon the horizon and when it went down, the one in love fell for his longing
Even birds warbled and trilled mourning upon leaves

Yasmine Hamdan - I am not that person

if you are unjust to me with your love
I am not the one who would run after you
and say for God's sake
I have a right with you

Komitas - You Are Like A Plane Tree

Dear, dear, dear

My love, for God's sake
Dear, dear, dear