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After every quarrel with the mother, my first way lead from at home to you
And you said: She's alone, you gotta understand
everything passes by. come on, have a beer.
Then you told me, the whole life is about taking and about giving much more
After that in the night I took away
The few thousand schilling out of your cupboard
Consuming it in the Disco. A couple of days later you asked for it
I denied it, cried hysterrically, your look was sad, then
I confessed
You just said: Well, forget it,
Money can't be that important!
When you talked about the war, how you faced
The Russians eye to eye
You offered a cigarette each other
The hand at the trigger was shaking out of fear
Or your wife, who bothered you the whole day with her singing
You just said: I like her
I don't have to hear everything she says
Grandfather, can't you come over here for a quick cup of coffee?
Grandfather, i want to tell you so much, what i just now seem to understand
Grandfather, you were my first friend and I'll never forget that, grandfather
You weren't a superman, but you never pretended to be one either
Exactly for that reason there somehow was a power.
And the way you lived your life
gave me an idea, how one can possibly make it.
Your principle was: First think, have an opinion, stand up for it.
Never violence, talk about everything, but don't fear anyone either.
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Horrible dialect, I guess it's Austrian. Very hard to understand even for a Bavarian like me. Teeth smile

Deutsch (Österreichisch/Bairisch)
Deutsch (Österreichisch/Bairisch)
Deutsch (Österreichisch/Bairisch)


engywokengywok    So, 28/02/2016 - 10:40

Vollgsungan= geschimpft, gejammert
grehrt= geweint
plärrt= geschrien

Sts are from Styria/Austria

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