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If I was a rose

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If I was a rose, dear, I'd be blooming all year.
I would flourish four times, throughout every year.
I would bloom for the boy, I'd bloom for the girl, then.
For true love all around us and for the fleeting moment.
If I was a gate, dear, I'd be always open,
From wherever they'd come, I'd let anyone in.
I sure wouldn't ask them, I wonder who sent you?
I'd be only happy, if everyone came through.
If I was a window, I would be so wide, dear.
You could see the whole world, from corner to corner.
With all-knowing glances, they'd be looking through me.
I'd only be happy, if I had shown everything.
If I was a street, dear, I'd be always pristine.
Every blessed night, in the light I would bathe.
And if one day tanks stomped their tracks upon me.
With a cry, the earth would collapse underneath me.
If I was a flag, dear, you'd never see me waving.
I'd be wrathful with all the wind around me (she's referring to political extremes).
I'd only be happy if they stretched me tightly.
So, I wouldn't be the play-thing of all the winds around me.
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Well, I tried my best to make it rime in English too and to preserve the rhythm...

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