Hasta la piel (Englisch Übersetzung)

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To My Core*

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I don't want to lose you 
Or let the distance consume our sweetness
And we lose faith 
I don't want to have you
And when I least think it lose you again
It hurts me to my core1
Inside me
I have seeds of you
And without you
They may want to die 
I want to sit down to cry
Let out of me a thousand things 
That I want to say to you
I feel so weak without you
I want to keep to my morals
Give you a couple of kisses that perhaps 
I have to steal 
From your mouth, mine 
(mine, mine)
I don't want to lose you 
Or let our love run out and once more you want
Another taste of honey
I don't want to have you 
Because I love you so much I'm beginning to recognise 
The intensity of my being 
Inside me
I have seeds of you 
And without you
They may want to die 
I want to sit down to cry
Let out of me a thousand things 
That I want to say to you
I feel so weak without you
I want to keep to my morals
Give you a couple of kisses that perhaps 
I have to steal 
From your mouth, mine 
(mine, mine)
  • 1. lit. 'even my skin hurts'
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* 'doler hasta la piel' literally translates to 'to hurt up to the skin', this refers to something that hurts you a lot emotionally.

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Hasta la piel

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dowlenon1    Do, 30/08/2012 - 15:52

I am not sure if I would translate "hasta la piel" as "even my skin", it does not make sense to me... maybe "on the skin" might be better.

I think 'me duele hasta la piel' seems like 'doer na pele' (Portuguese, since both of two languages have common aspects). If it is the same as 'doer na pele', then it means something that hurts you a lot. It does not literally hurt your skin, but the pain that something or someone inflicted to you feels like it were hurting your skin.

But, once that I am not sure if the expression looks like Portuguese, feel free to discard it Regular smile

Vimto12    Do, 30/08/2012 - 16:21

I found it quite difficult to translate this expression 'hasta la piel', and had to ask a native Spanish speaker for help...
I agree that 'even my skin' sounds a bit odd but I think 'on the skin' sounds equally odd Regular smile
I initially wanted to translate 'me duele hasta la piel' like 'it hurts me so much' or something to that effect but after consulting a native speaker I was convinced to translate it to 'it even hurts my skin'.
However now that you've told me about this Portuguese expression I'm having second thoughts...surely the Spanish meaning is similar...I think I will change it to 'it hurts me so much' thanks for letting me know Regular smile

Vimto12    Do, 30/08/2012 - 16:32

Edit: I just found an English expression that conveys the meaning of 'hasta la piel': 'to hurt to the core'...I think I'll use it Regular smile

Guest    Do, 30/08/2012 - 16:41

Another option might be to consider the common English phrase, "to get under my skin" - meaning it irritates me, bothers me, like a sliver that festers.

Vimto12    Do, 30/08/2012 - 20:04

Thanks for the suggestion! Regular smile
This at least would transmit the idea of skin...
However I think this expression is not strong enough to convey the meaning of 'doler hasta la piel', which is more than mere irritation, rather full-blown heartache Wink smile

dowlenon1    Do, 30/08/2012 - 23:02

Just passing by to rate 5 stars, unfortunately I couldn't do that before because I was browsing on the cell phone, and I couldn't vote through there, weird.

Freda    Fr, 31/08/2012 - 00:26

Nice translation Regular smile but the title is a bit tricky, isn't it?
If I may make a suggestion, what about "skin deep"? Two words because skin-deep to me is like a superficial wound, whereas "skin deep" means something more profound.

The word "hasta" can mean even, or to, or up to, depending on the context. I 1st translated the title literally as "up to the skin", which I took to mean "skin deep".

Vimto12    Fr, 31/08/2012 - 17:11

Tricky is an understatement! I've been racking my brains over ways to translate this title for ages!
Thanks for the suggestion Regular smile
However I must admit I've never considered 'skin deep' to refer to anything profound, I've always thought that it can only be used to describe something superficial, like in the saying 'beauty is but skin deep'.
Yeah I juggled with the various meanings of 'hasta' none of which seemed to make the English sound any better Wink smile
If you have any other suggestions please do let me know Wink smile

dowlenon1    Fr, 31/08/2012 - 00:59

P. Freda,

You've just confirmed my suspect of "hasta la piel" = "doer na pele" (Portuguese expression) through your definition of 'hasta' in Spanish. Before this, I was unsure about my affirmation and suggestion, as I said, because I wasn't pretty sure if they look alike.

Now I can understand the reason why Vimto had translated as 'even my skin', because indeed it is 'even my skin' =D (although it may not make sense in English). Therefore, the sentence would be constructed like this: "It hurts even my skin".

So, in my humble opnion the title should be translate as the sentence in the song 'it hurts even my skin', not only 'even my skin', because it does not make sense in English at all. It does in Spanish or Portuguese though, but once that it doesn't in English, we have to adapt it Wink smile

Well, just passed by to let you guys know, Regular smile

Freda    Fr, 31/08/2012 - 04:29

I was concentrating more on the title as being "skin deep", but in reading the lyrics , "me duele hasta la piel", it comes out for me also as "It even hurts my skin". It's difficult to translate just one part of that phrase that is the title.
The song is conveying that the thought of losing someone would be so painful, that even the skin hurts. The title may end up having to be different than the translation of that part of the verse. I can see why Vimto used "Even my skin", but it may sound odd to some. Like you say, adapt the english Wink smile

Vimto12    Fr, 31/08/2012 - 17:16

I don't really like the idea of the title being different to the line 'me duele hasta la piel', which is why I scrapped the idea of a more literal translation...

Vimto12    Fr, 31/08/2012 - 17:26

@lenon I like your idea Regular smile but this concept of 'skin hurting' doesn't exist in English and perhaps that's why it would be preferable to use a less literal translation in order that the English makes sense and is able to convey the meaning behind the Spanish...

cesarantonio.cejacaballero    Sa, 19/04/2014 - 00:32

Hi, my native language is Spanish and what Carla is trying to say in this song is that it would be terrible to lose him once again and she is basically saying that if that would ever happen "even her skin would hurt" in a figurative sense. So a mora accurate translation would be "even my skin hurts".
I would make some suggestions:
Que el amor se acabe y vuelvas a querer otro sabor a miel: That we run out of love and you want once again another taste of honey Regular smile

Vimto12    Sa, 19/04/2014 - 16:20

thanks for your comment, I made some changes Regular smile

gabriela.qh    Mo, 03/10/2016 - 10:40

This phrase is quite difficult because she is literally saying "even my skin hurts" but in essence, it is an idiomatic phrase. Great job on the translation.