tacica - HERO (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • KünstlerIn: tacica (タシカ)
  • Album: parallel park
  • Lied: HERO
Englisch Übersetzung


Sneakers which can boldly fall over
The backlash I endure on my tiptoes
I lost something precious
I won't cry
These jeans ripped by slander
Spilled over and fell because they loosened
Even if I can part easily with them
I can't forget them
I wound a screw full of scrapes
And extended my hand towards the globe
Oh, hero drawn in my tears
Protect us
I can't slow down my hands
Depending on the engine conjured up by the images falling
But on the top floor inside my heart
I can comfortably dance to the mechanical sounds
There is anxiety that can be shot out
By a machine gun made for selfish desires
Yet, I built a place
That even a hero couldn't reach
Isn't that right?
You're drawn on the globe's map
But when will you become aware of our presence?
I will never hear the only voice that can reach inside my heart
Even today, tomorrow
And on that yesterday so far back
You say "Earth is a world without a single sky"
But at least, go ahead and fly as you please anytime
Deep inside of me
I can't slow down my hands
In the middle of the light standing still
And I can't feel at ease either
Hearing these mechanical sounds chorusing in my heart
What is the anxiety you will shoot down
For the sake of your worth and my future?
"Once it will have begun to rain, wait for next time."
Are the words I can hear
No matter how neatly we walk
We can't completely deceive ourselves
When you wind a screw too much, look
The mechanical sounds abandon your heart at once
There are no answers I can shoot out
With a machine gun that has lost its light
But if I wish for my wish to reach the hero
I think I'll be able to build up from scratch, time and time over
Sneakers which can boldly fall over
These jeans ripped by slander
Wound a screw full of scrapes
And drew a hero
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