Fler - Herzschmerz (explizit) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Heartache (explicit)

I didn’t deserve you my darling,
I gave you a thousand reasons to hate me
I’ve failed you and I’ve let you down ¹
Now you’ve up and left me ²
All the other women don’t mean anything to me,
you’re my number one
From day one, I wanted only you,
and when the rain is pattering on the windshield
I have to think of you
I go to the studio, do my thing, and try to distract myself
I try to snap out of it, go party with the boys,³
but it still hurts to wake up every morning without you
It fucks with my head
and the thought of it - makes me sick –
- you and the other guy
I want to feel your breath on the back of my neck
I want to hold you in my arms
Now it’s too late
The wounds are healing,
but the scars remain
Now I sit here alone
and look at our old pictures
I’m always looking at my cell phone,
but you don’t call me anyway
What became of our dreams that we had just
If I’d had a second chance, I’d do everything better
Heartache, heartache, heartache, heartache
heartache, heartache, heartache, heartache
I wake up and every day I tell myself
I won’t drink anymore,
but in the evening, I’ll hit the Jaegermeister Ginger Ale again; it’s hard to let go ⁴
I’ve needed my angel so much since you’ve been gone,
I sit here in this narrow empty room
and don’t know where to go anymore
and I don’t even know why you’re gone
Perhaps we were both still too young
We didn’t have a lick of sense, ⁵
but believe me, with the time and the years,
all the last doubts will then stop
I stand up and then it blows me away
The pictures I see of the two of you
drag me down into the mud
Give me just a second, and I’ll show you
It’ll never again be any colder than it is down here and
I’ll stay here, even if everything freezes;
my heart, it beats thanks to the fire from withín ⁶
- until the pain sets in
Maybe someday I’ll understand it
I’m still awake and I can’t fall asleep -
‘ can feel my
Heart ache, heartache, heartache, heartache,
heartache, heartache, heartache, heartache
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Kommentare des Autors:

This is a brand new song with no official lyrics to find anywhere: there is a spoken section at the end of the song and I had to listen to it to try to figure out what it says. By no means is it completely correct. I’m posting it in the “author’s comments” area until I can find a correct version. There are some words in (parenthesis) and they are most likely wrong, but on the whole, it should at least give people an idea of what it’s about.
I’ll be happy to revise the text if I or someone else can find it!

¹ Ich hab dich im Stich gelassen = both mean “I’ve failed you” and “I have let you down.”
²She's up and left me: street talk – it means “she’s left me.”
³ versuch mich aufzuraffen = sich zusammen reißen = pull oneself together, snap out o fit, get a life. Einen drauf zu machen = to go tie one on, to go party.
⁴ Jaegermeister = an herb liqueur: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%A4germeister
Jaegermeister Ginger Ale = long drink: “A long drink or tall drink is an alcoholic mixed drink with a relatively large volume.”
hit = “to hit the bottle” means you’ll drink.
⁵ keinerlei Vernunft = no sense whatsoever = “not a lick of sense” = street talk
⁶ dank dem Feuer in der Brust; brust = chest. Within works well.
⁷ “leave it alone“ means “leave ‘whatever you’re talking about’ alone” – “we’re not going to talk about that now.” Another way to say it is: “don’t go there,” “don’t even go there.”

-Boah das ist kalt, Mama
-‚Keeh ( … auch ne) Zigarette?
-Ist doch Quatsch Alter; Mamamia
-Ich sag dir die Fotze hat’n neuen alter
-Ach nein die hat niemals ‘n neuen
-Ich sag dir die hat‘n neuen alter
die hat nicht einfach so Schluss gemacht Alter
die dumme Nutte, Alter
-Nein okee man Fler du hast sie einfach schlecht behandelt
alter wirklich (dies einfach so reingehauen)
-Nein das ist mir scheiß egal eh guck da siehst du d-
siehst du da kommt (der/die) auch warte warte kurz
-Ja okee aber vielleicht geht die nur kurz …
-Siehst du da ist doch der Typ eh ich fick den jetzt alter
-Nein quatsch das ist nur’n Kumpel lass doch mal –
eh was machst du denn was soll,
woher- ey lass doch mal die Knarre Alter
ey ey Fler ey Fler ey bleib stehen

- damn, it’s cold mama
- okay, (got another) cigarette
- that’s nonsense, dude; mamamia
- I’m tellin’ you, the cunt’s got someone new
- No way, she’d never have someone new
- I’m tellin’ you, she’s got someone new, dude;
(she just) didn’t call it quits for nothing dude,
the stupid bitch, man -
- No, okay man, Fler, you just didn’t treat her right
dude, really (and for no reason she did it )
- No, I don’t fucking care, hey look, do you see, do you see?
(He/she’s) comin’ over, wait, wait a minute
- yeah, okay, but maybe she’s just goin’…
- Do you see him there, it IS the guy; hey, I’ll go fuck him now, dude
- No, no way, that’s just a homie, leave it alone – ⁷
hey what are you doing, what should,
where – hey, put the gun down, dude;
hey, hey, Fler, hey, Fler, hey stay here…


Herzschmerz (explizit)

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