Himmel auf Erden (Englisch Übersetzung)

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Heaven on earth

You can read my thoughts
As if we were from way back trusted
You put roses on my way
I like your way of loving
Which makes everything around me just more beautiful
I breathe happiness, never again want to go back
With you I have heaven here on earth
You save all the dreams deep within me
You are my recommencing
And it makes so much sense with you
You let me sense my wings again
An absolutely fully feeling
In any moment
Only pure happiness with you
We are two related souls
We share the shadows and the light
I will never regret anything and forgive everything
You gift me the courage to love
I put my heart in your hand
It's like magic, I never felt something like that
It doesn't count longer
What was yesterday
The wounds healed
Because you are here
I am in safety
Ready for everything with you
No matter how far
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In any moment
Only pure happiness with you
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Himmel auf Erden

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