瞳を閉じて (Hitomi o tojite) (Englisch Übersetzung)


風がやんだら 沖まで船を出そう
手紙を入れた ガラスびんをもって
潮騒の音がもう一度 届くように
今 海に流そう
霧が晴れたら 小高い丘に立とう
名もない島が 見えるかもしれない
今 瞳を閉じて
今 瞳を閉じて
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Close Your Eyes

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If the wind stops, lets row a boat till the open sea
Holding a glass bottle with an envelope inside
To the friend who went off to a distance place
In order to deliver the sound of the roaring sea again,
Let’s wash it away in the sea now
If the fog clears up, let's stand on top of a small hill
We might be able to see a nameless island
When asked by the small children
to convey the blueness of the sea
once again
Close your eyes now
Close your eyes now
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