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ホログラム (Hologram) (Englisch Übersetzung)


僕は行くよ まだ見ぬ世界へ
迷子のまま旅していた 鼠色の空の下
日替わりの地図 いくつもの夢が滲んでいた
いつかはさ ちっぽけな僕のこの歩幅でも
強がって キズついた心透かしたように
降り出した雨粒たちが 乱反射繰り返す
行く先も告げぬまま どこまでも突き抜ける
淡い残像 両目に焼き付けて
届くはずなんだ まだ見ぬ世界へ
知らず知らずに貼っていたのは 白黒のステッカーで
大事なもの 僕らは隠してしまっていた
宝の石より 花より 星の灯りより綺麗な
「夢」と言う名前のホログラムを ざわめきを
はみだして 逆らって いつか描いた風景
悔しさも 寂しさもいま 泡みたいに弾けとぶ
真っ直ぐな道で 躓いたって
かさぶたはがれたら 今よりきっと強くなれる
僕は行くよ まだ見ぬ世界へ
霞む空の先に 虹色の光
明日の影に 震えるたびに 遠くで僕を呼ぶ声がして
真っ直ぐな光が 散らばって
雨上がりの午後に 束になって降り注ぐ
必ず届くはずさ まだ見ぬ世界へ
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A pure white scenery is inviting me now
So, I'll go to a world that I've never seen before
Just like a lost child, I travelled around under a dark grey sky
With a map changing every day, countless dreams blotted out
You know, I wonder if with these tiny steps of mine
I will ever reach that cloud someday
Acting strong, as if seeing through a flawed heart
The raindrops that began to fall show a diffused reflection over
and over
A candid light crosses my way
Without telling me where it's pointing, it pierces through the end of the road
As its pale afterimage burns both of my eyes
Seems I can reach the world I haven't seen before
Unconsciously, while pasting black and white stickers
We hid something precious without noticing
More precious than jewels, flowers and even prettier than a beaming star
"A dream" is how we named that hologram... that murmur
Breaking free and fighting the odds, that's the landscape I painted someday
Both the regret and desolation are now popping off like bubbles
I keep stumbling on this straight road
Once the scabs peel off, I'll be stronger than what I am now for sure
A pure white scenery is inviting me now
So, I'll go to a world that I've never seen before
At the end of the misty sky, there's a rainbowlike light
Every time I tremble in the shadows of the future, I hear a voice calling me from far away
A candid light scatters all over the place
After a rainy afternoon, the rays begin to pour down and they
Now begin to blend into an infinite gradation
It doesn't matter under what sky I am
I know I will reach a world that I've never seen before
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Kommentare des Autors:

I never realized how beautiful this song is until I started reading the lyrics carefully... Now I love it more than ever!

Tried to make it as singable as possible without modifying much the lyrics, so feel free to let know if there's any correction to make. It's deeply appreciated!

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