Ich lass dich nicht los (Englisch Übersetzung)

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I won't let you go

I met you on the internet on a website for young people,
You write that you're new here, it's your first time today,
You're unfamiliar with things here, I say 'Don't take it seriously'
and this 'LOL' means 'Laughing out loud'
I write a message, 'do you know what'd be good?
If you sent me a photo with your adress, if you speak again.'
That's when I knew, you're the love of my life
And it was clear to me
We're a pair, for me this world would provide nothing more beautiful
I remember the exact moment, when I read the first mail from you,
that I was so happy for a few moments, that the world around me, I forgot
I though, 'you're kidding me', because you lived in the same town
and that you only lived four streets away from me
Why have we never gotten to know eachother before?
And then I saw you: You were on the Park deck of Mercado
But I didn't trust myself to speak to you, for that I was too confused
And then I followed you to the trainstation
I never said a word to you about it,
but I knew from that point that you travelled to Sport on Tuesdays
I had an idea - I went to you, left you a Bouquet at your door
Oh, if you only knew, who I really am
Then you might know that I'm not really so
Oh, if you only knew, that I'm with you
Then you'd also know that we belong together
We've both known eachother for four years,
and one thing I know for sure:
This boyfriend you have, that guy, is a w*nker
that he doesn't really love you, you will soon realise.
And it won't last for long,
you'll split up with him.
This prick just threw the flowers away,
My letters, all quickly shredded
You have a new number, I can't text you anymore
I'm sure he's been cheating on you with other women.
Don't you know? We're a dream pair, everyone sees that.
Also your boyfriend, when he calls the fuzz (the Police) again,
You must not say a thing.
Clear, that you do so and your report was only a mistake.
Thus, I believe we need to talk again soon,
then you'll surrender.
We have only this life.
We need no dates for the countycourt
We're organising this face to face.
I drive to you and wait here.
I swear to you that you belong to me.
I know this flat, I know where the hidden keys are,
Know who you are and how your pillows are arranged on your bed.
You scream as you see me, as I lock the door behind me.
And as you tell me that you don't love me,
I stand up, I didn't see this coming.
Shut your mouth, I won't let you go!
Just stay still, you're only wasting time, I can explain everything.
I won't let you go!
You do really like me!
I won't let you go!
Stop struggling!
I won't let you go!
I won't let you go!
Now you lay here in front of me and you're so beautiful to look at,
you hear me out.
The other people outside waiting for us, will never understand,
that from here on out, we go together
Oh, if you only knew, who I really am
Then you might know that I'm not really so
Oh, if you only knew, that I'm with you
Then you'd also know that we belong together
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Von JaseisJaseis am Di, 30/03/2010 - 23:26 eingetragen

Ich lass dich nicht los

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Fettes Brot: Top 3
GinadaGinada    Sa, 02/10/2010 - 20:50

Schöne Übersetzung.
Wie kommt es, dass du deutschen Hip-Hop hörst (falls man Fettes Brot noch dazu zählen kann), so als Engländer?

JaseisJaseis    So, 03/10/2010 - 16:44

Hallo Ginada Regular smile
Seit fünf Jahren lerne ich Deutsch. Um mein Deutsch zu verbessern, war ich auf der Suche nach Deutschen Musik und ich habe Fettes Brot angetroffen. Es hilft mir sehr, deutsche Text zu übersetzen. Dadurch lerne ich deutsche Idioms usw.
Danke dass du diese Übersteztung magst Regular smile

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