plot twist

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Idiomatische Übersetzungen von „plot twist“

обрат на сюжета
Ters köşe yapmak.

Bedeutungen von „plot twist“


Isang kaganapan na nakaapekto sa isang pangyayari o kuwento sa di inaasahang pamamaraan.

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поворот сюжета

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film veya kitaptaki ters köşe, sürpriz son

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„plot twist“ in Songtexten

MONSTA X - Love Killa

Imma slay, imma chill, imma kill

From now on it's a plot twist
Pull the trigger ya, pull it pull it

WayV - Romantic Fermentation (Up From Here)

The heart beat starts speeding up really fast
Just before the next plot twist,
When the relationship between us starts to change.

Anelia - I want to drink

Who hasn't she slept with!
If you ask them, they won't admit
What's her name? Loneliness 1

  • 1. The revelation that she's actually talking about Loneliness, and not about a woman, serves as a plot twist in the lyrics. The word самота (loneliness) is a feminine noun in Bulgarian. That's why the metaphor works. However, since English nouns are neutral it wouldn't have worked so I decided to keep the pronouns 'she, her,' instead of replacing them with 'it.'

Tiziano Ferro - Like a Man Would

And we run, we run
and in the meantime, we run even if we don't want to.
And I'll come up with a plot twist
like when we were all together in Madrid.

SF9 - One Love

A world that became different, I don’t want to change it
Monotone love
I don’t give in to a sixth sense-level of a plot twist

Annalisa - Sparks

Straight to the stomach
You, like a plot twist
It slides, it slides

william - Copycat

Shoutout when mom gave birth to a goat
So what if I spend my money
Plot twist for you, I can't spend them when I'm dead
These guys are trying to sit down at a table that has already been set up [for dining]

Au/Ra - Medicine

Strawberry syrup too easy to swallow
But what did I know?
Plot twist twistin' my heart ’til it's hollow
Band-Aids for all my scraped knees

Slavi Trifonov - No Mercy

And it looks like no one knows why that's happening
I watch old movies, I listen to old songs
Isn't it time for a plot twist?
I better go to bed because it's almost time to get up

Mike Shinoda - Open Door

Some way we didn’t see before
Some way to get out of here
Plot twist that we didn’t see coming

$uicideboy$ - Low Key

Woke up dope sick with a cut wrist
Lil' bad bitch saying, "here's a plot twist"
When you cut it, you weren't even a little pissed

Blixemi - Walk Without The Stars

What about my destiny conceived in secrecy?
You never seemed to find a second ‘til your legend had been threatened by me
What a plot twist, when it’s sis’ versus sis’
If you’d only paused a moment possibly you’d have seen this!

Unlike Pluto - Villain Of My Own Story

[Verse 1]
I was the one who wanted nothing
I was the one who lived in pain
I was the one who strived for nothing

Georgina Nikaki - Give everything

I knew it, I saw it
That I'm falling into the trap
That yοu're a plot twist
And so much more

william - Kopiokissa

Shoutout äiti ku synnytti vuohen
Mitä siit jos tuhlaan mun massii
Plot twist sul, en voi käyttää niitä kuolleena
Nää jäbät koittaa tulla katettuu pöytää

Sigrid - Plot Twist

But you're playin' games like a wannabe (shots fired!, fired!)
Tough luck, you're kidding yourself
Plot twist, moved on and now you want me
You're playin' games like a wannabe

Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I keep playing your part
But it's not my scene
Want this plot to twist
I've had enough mystery

Arisa (Italy) - It's Worth It

You who have known to face
another plot twist, but it was worth it

CupcakKe - Navel

Take off her head like a discount shoppin'
Come to the block, don't put me on no block list
With his dread head schemin', that's a motherfuckin' plot twist

Taco Hemingway - 2031

Szybko jak trzeba to zrobię też vanish
Trójkąt warszawski 2, krytyka miesza go z błotem
W sumie to owszem, mogłem odpuścić plot twist, w którym się Piotrek okazał robotem
Daje mi zaliczkę Warner, wydam na mega gablotę