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The tables are turned

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Bedeutungen von „The tables are turned“


A major change has happened, especially one that results in the opposite of an earlier situation

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Also written as 'the tables have turned'. Refers to a major change in circumstances which is often the opposite of a previous situation, e.g. he had the upper hand over me but now I have the upper hand over him. How the tables have turned.

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„The tables are ...“ in Songtexten

As Tequileiras do Funk - Bass Da Da Da TikTok

[...] I want you to resist my great ri-ri-riding
Bass da, da, da, da (2x)

I'm not kidding (2x)

As Tequileiras do Funk - Punishment by Ass

I'm not kidding (2x)
Come and join the tequila ladies (2x)

I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm gonna satisfy you in a very unusual way:

Elisapie - The Ballad of the Runaway Girl

Let's hope some day we'll revive the scene with no care in the world
The ballad of the runaway girl won't exist that very long
In the meantime all the tables are turned since she turned her tail

L.V. - The 'G' Within

But this ain’t the last of me
The tables are turned, I am up on the top of things
Rolling in a max, stacking snaps

Sakis Rouvas - 18

that) i am the onlyone who knows what you need, return and see

Ah the things we 've gone through!for you the tables are turned
and the hot rain like snow falls

Maria Mena - Growing Pains

You'll lose once the lights are dimmed down
How humble you'll feel about your past bliss
Once the tables are turned around

Mud Flow - Chemicals

The painful track of what I could have done before you came along
A strange regret is what I get
The tables are turned, we're all gonna burn
I breathe no air

Zero[hz] - DISTURBO

Towards the far away sky
A path is not necessary
The tables are turned on the obstacles
We do disturb you!!!!!

Sodom - Capture The Flag

Slaughtered one by one
Two find a way to hide
The tables are turned
By hopeless defeats

How I Became the Bomb - Robo

Oh, no
the tables are turned now
lasers emerge from his brow

Alexis Jordan - How You Like Me Now

I ain't gonna front boy,
I'm gonna start on you,
Cos the tables are turned,
And a lesson your gonna learn

Gabriella Cilmi - Defender

I know that you're strong
When the tables are turned
You'll be back by my side

Yngwie Malmsteen - Let the Good Times Roll

I'm casting pearls before the swine
I think I must be losing my mind
You tried to leave me high and dry
Yes you nearly left me to die

KISS - Thief In The Night

He tries to possess her and she bites

It's a ritual slaying, but the tables are turned, oh no
And now he's prayin', but it's his turn to burn

9.0 - Gypsy Queen

Well, kings and queens
They all call on her
Well, now the tables are turned
I got her in my sights

Sabbat - The Imaculate Conception

With my kindness of passion so long out of fashion my celibate soul begs for paradise lost
Solomon reigning arrayed in his glory immaculate beauty conceived,
Let the prince be a fool yet the jester may rule when the tables are turned and the truth is revealed