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you can say that again

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Idiomatische Übersetzungen von „you can say that again“

الحق معك
Du sagst es! (Sie sagen es!)
you said it
right on
sinabi mo pa
Génial !
Tu l'as dit.
Daghighan = "دقیقا
دمت گرم!!!
Твоя правда!
det tål att upprepas
Sam si rek'o
Sám si to povedal/a
y que lo digas
Spanisch (Altkastillanisch)
Lo dijíste vos
Tam ağzımdan aldın!

Bedeutungen von „you can say that again“


an expression of wholehearted agreement

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isang expresyon ng buong pagsang-ayon

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sana katılıyorum

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„you can say that ...“ in Songtexten

Doja Cat - Ain't Shit

[Verse 1]
You can say that again
Niggas is square like Madison

Jona - I'll Wait

Hug me tight, before you leave
Hold my hand
And hug me again before you leave

Vasilis Karras - Come Back

Come back!
I'm telling you to come back!

Leave it all behind and come

Hercules (OST) - The Virtue I (Latin Spanish) [The Gospel Truth I]

With earthquakes and volcanoes
Always happening.
Oh, you can say that again!

sogumm - Yayou Hoi (The Retreat)

The way you talk to me
The way you look at me
The way you speak is hurting me
And it makes me dizzy

Tatiana Manaois - You Mean To Tell Me

I used to think that I will never fall in love
And then you showed me that you could be everything I want

I gave my heart away, they put it on the shelf

Karkwa - The Pyromaniac

Don't take it, don't take it the wrong way
I'm deep into the spiral
Butane excess, kerosene fumes
Pyromaniac down to my very veins

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit (Original Demo)

Down on the floor,
back behind the door,
I try to catch my breath again.
I can't ignore

Sektor Gaza - The rich are crying too!

And yesterday a rich kid got tough with me,
A cool guy in expensive clothes, you can say that again,
But when my first punch hit him

A-ha - Manhattan Skyline Extended

You know


A-ha - Manhattan Skyline

We sit and watch umbrellas fly
I'm trying to keep my newspaper dry
I hear myself say,
'My boat's leaving now'

Relient K - Terminals

They said the timing was dreadful
(Yeah, you can say that again)
Now there is one pair of heads full

Busters - Paeonia

I’ll never love again
You can say that again
Can’t this be love

Lena Park - it won't come again

can you understand
me being awkward in front of you
thought It would be
a future far away

Flower Drum Song (Musical) - Gliding Through My Memory

Her castanets were clicking
Like nothing ever clicked.
(--Ole!-- You can say that again!)

KSI - Smoke 'N' Mirrors

I tell myself I'm doing just fine too many times
But man are dead weight, my boy said, "Get your head straight"
I'm like "Brothe', you can say that again"
But I never would've imagined this chain of events

Ihsahn - Manhattan Skyline

We sit and watch umbrellas fly
I'm trying to keep my newspaper dry
I hear myself say, my boat's leaving now
So we shake hands and cry

Opé Smith - The Barbershop Tune

I can say that we're all the same
This is a player's game
But if you love me baby
You tell me so

Not Secured, Loose Ends - Karmaloop

Deep underground 十色
The truth does not exist anywhere
当然 originality 慢性 pa-pa-paralyzed
I cannot sleep in this way

Bing Crosby - Yes Indeed

Now, brother Chowderhead ,he got it in him, yes indeed
Oh boy, you can say that again!
He digs deep in the middle, yes indeed