To have it made

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to be certain to be successful and have a good life, often without much effort

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„To have it made“ in Songtexten

5MIINUST - of (these) drugs we (really) don't know anything

in the back room of the cottage only IPA-beers are on the table
glasses are for pupils... no, for shits and giggles
the ones who have made it to the front row can see through everything

BAWN - Smoldering

It warmed me with its heat
Five minutes until morning
We have made it to dawn

Unlucky Morpheus - May his soul Rest In Peace ~ Dignity Of Spirit

Through long winters and nights, when endless time comes to an end
You'll have made it to the end of time, and you'll be gone with a smile on your face.

Queen - A Human Body

Captain Scott and his heroes to be
To have laboured so long
To have made it this far

Rihanna - Hatin' on the Club

Now this is the sound of a broken heart
There's only one reason why we're apart
She never would have made it to your car
If it wasn't for the club, I'd still have my love

Raluka - Unevenly in love

You have no idea how much I loved you
So I can hate you like that!
And I have nothing to prove
You fed my illusion.

Maisie Peters - Body Better

Is her body better than mine?
All the clothes and the warning signs
How does it feel to have made me cry?
Will you tell me just one more lie?

The Carpenters - Those Good Old Dreams

We have left all the darkness far behind us
All those hopes that we held along the way, have made it to this day
Like an old love song, gone for much too long

Miranda! - In love

At this moment, being realistic,
I never consider myself a specialist,
and however, something inside me changed.
I know exactly how it happened.

Max Giesinger - Until I'm With You

All around me
Everyone seems to have made it
Why is it so easy for everyone?

Casper (Germany) - Finally made it

The feeling to finally have made it
Took over the reins myself
Swam to the shore after being in fear for a long time,
Finally picked up speed

Ostrov Sokrovishch (OST) - In film and real life (I'm gentleman o'fortune)

It appears that we have made it
to the final scene!
And nobody (what a pity!)
cared to do me in.

Eppu Normaali - Farewell to rock'n'roll

Oh Jimmy, If only you'd be honest now
even if you have made it to the bomb shelter
and Leonid, how dare you

Suicide Silence - Skin Tight

The mirror couldn't prove, to you
She didn't do it
You could have made it through, to her
She just wants him

Marilia Monzón - I'll light a candle

even if I don't want to stop
I'll hug myself until it hurts
We have made it to the end

Heather Dale - The Maiden and the Selkie

She's unearthed that very treasure of which her grandmother spoke.

And just before the stroke of midnight they have made it back to sea
And she's donned that magic seal-coat and become a maid selkie.

Pierre Desproges - I'm in decline

It is thanks to the fantastic progress of science that a man can now journey, in less than three hours, from Moscow to Warsaw.
And, if there was no science, if there was no science, you sorry woodlice, puffed up with blind ingratitude and crass ignorance, if there was no science, how many of us would be able to enjoy our cancer for more than five years?
Is it not science’s greatest triumph to have made it so that today, at the whim of an old impotent Californian giffer, or an even more doddery Ukrainian fossil, man can in one second blow up the planet forty times over without even moving a muscle!
These aren't my words, they belong to Confucius, trust me, he’d forgotten to be stupid.

Elisa - With the Hurt

Mother why do we act so cold?

The difference it would have made
To realize we were the same

Elena of Avalor (OST) - The Gift of Night

No more glare getting in your eye
No more sunburns to make you cry
You are going to have it made
When you live in eternal shade

Lillian Wong - Blue Bird

I saw bluebirds flying in my dream,
and tree's shadow became the wind chime.
They were singing for love gently and beautifully.
The sun still shone in heavy rain continually.