Il Corpo Del Reato (Englisch Übersetzung)

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  • Lied: Il Corpo Del Reato
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The body of evidence

Stand up, let's go
Don't be silly
Don't be a baby
I'll take you home
I'll carry you
Going home, we'll stop to have breakfast
A cappuccino
the petit fours
A cigarette
Let's go home, what will you do?
Will you stay all night long on the street
Do you want to rest?
Don't you feel the wind?
What a humidity! it's breaking my bones
I feel bad
Let's go home, let it be
I'm holding you
I told you thousand times to slow down
Let's go, don't you think about your mommy
Don't you think about your mommy
She's waiting for us
She's just retired from work
think about your mommy
She stayed still
Crucified at the doorsill
on show in the middle of the street
Beware of the dog! Beware of the dog! No
Beware of your mommy! Beware of your mommy! Beware of your mommy!
She doesn't talk, she doesn't moan
She only sighs
You should see her
On her belly, with the spray, they wrote "juve merda"1
with her feet covered with flowers
she looks at her belly
The writing I mean
And she knows better than me, and she knows better than you
That, for a just gone son
Another identical one is coming
and while mumbling she asked me
to kidnap some travel agency's director
But I told her
I've no dick,
I don't dare.
Wake up, let's go
The mornig comes
I'm getting to sleep
Clean up your face, I'm scared,
Let's go, let me comfort you
What are you gonna do?
If you think you're gonna do something original, you're wrong
There's nothing more obvious
Of more normal
And far less original then those shoes
That, talking between us, for true
I've seen almost 300 people wearing them
Let's go, Let's go back to the village
You should see what happened,
Aren't you a little bit curious?
But I swear it
It seems we're in a brand new place.
After 30 years we won the elections
I swear it
It was a bad beat for the m
My mother even cried
and me too
We're breathing a new air
They're all entusiastic
And from this year on we dance on a just opened kiosk on the beach
Every day
Everyone's drinking on the sand
And the group dances, the latinoamericans
Then till dawn with the techno music
And we're organizing a volley tournament
and one of beach soccer
and one of billiard
a treasure hunt
the bread fair
the fish festival
the pork event
and if you miss all this
you're really stupid
So, you decided
Do you really want to do something original
won't you come back
Do you know what I tell you?
You're really an idiot
You don't surprise us
You don't surprise me
hear me well
the people like you, we know well
live only 'cause the earth is wide
You'd better play lotteries
You'd better play lotteries
The people like you, we know well
Have lived only while they were dead
You're suited for bribery
You're suited for bribery
But, let me hug you, I'll take you home
I'll take you by your mother
Look my face, don't you recognize me?
Let's go home, don't make me cry
I don't know what to do,
You already don't answer to me
You decided
You're a donkey
You're sure
Hear me well, you're wrong
Hear me well, your wrong
The truth stands in details
and now I'm gonna tell them to you
I give you more of my time
County Road n°160
far away a little seaside
black night, clear sky
Summer is coming
a little breeze
A black 2000's Fiat Punto
with 200.000 miles on the clock
15 inches alloy wheels
A really wonderful stereo sound system
A 30-year-old's body
lying on his back in the middle of the street
He just stopped breathing
with a nice casual wear
Average price
nothing particular
in his pocket 5 euros and a few coins
a key ring
two cellphones
on his right arm a tribal tattoo
on his hands he had calluses and blisters
like a bricklayer.
  • 1. Juve merda is an insult that the others soccer teams' supporters tell to offend the fans of Juventus, one of the most important italian soccer teams
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Il Corpo Del Reato

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