Il pescatore (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Fabrizio De André
  • Lied: Il pescatore 10 Übersetzungen
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The Fisherman

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In the shadow of the dying sun
a fisherman was napping
and he had a wrinkle on is face
almost like a smile
At the shore came an assassin
two large eyes like a child
two large eyes full of fear
the reflection of an adventure
lala lalalala lala la
He asked the old man "Give me bread
I have little time and plenty of hunger"
then asked the old man "Give me wine
I thirsty and I am a murderer"
The old man unfurled his eyes to the day
didn't even look around
but he poured the wine and broke the bread
for the thirsty and the hungry
lala lalalala lala la
It was but a moment's warmth
then he flew away like the wind
and he few away toward the sun
behind his shoulder a fisherman
Behind his shoulders a fisherman
and the memory is already painful
it's already a regret of a spring
played in the shadow of a courtyard.
lala lalalala lala la
Soon two mounted constables approached
soon they approached armed and ready
they asked the old man if nearby
might have passed an assassin
But in the shadow of the dying sun
the fisherman was back asleep
and he had a wrinkle on is face
almost like a smile
he had a wrinkle on is face
almost like a smile
lala lalalala lala la
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Kommentare des Autors:

I took some liberties here to clarify meaning. Not too many. In other places I feel I might have stayed too literal to the text to convey the tension of the situation and especially the desperation, hunger and possible innocence of the murderer.

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Il pescatore