Il venait d'avoir 18 ans (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

He Had Just Turned 18

He had just turned 18
He was beautiful like a child
Strong like a man
It was his Summer obviously
And I counted on him seeing
My Autumn nights
I fixed my hair
A little more black on my eyes
That made him laugh
When he moved in closer to me
I would've given anything
To seduce him
He had just turned 18
It was the best argument
For his victory
He hadn't spoken to me of love
He thought that words of love
Were inadequate
He said to me "I desire you"
He had seen in the cinema
'The Game of Love'
In the hollow of an improvised bed
I had discovered, amazed
A magnificent heaven
He had just turned 18
That made him almost insolent
With certainty
And while he dressed himself
Already defeated, I found again
My solitude
I would've liked to hold him
However I let him leave
Without making a gesture
He said to me "it wasn't so bad"
With the infernal candour
Of his youth
I fixed my hair
A little more black on my eyes
Out of habit
I had simply forgotten
That I was twice 18 years old
That I was twice 18 years old
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"The Game of Love" is the English title of the 1954 screen adaptation of the 1923 book by Colette : Le blé en herbes.
Let me know if I made any mistakes... :-)


Il venait d'avoir 18 ans

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Thank you for the link. They don't play much French music here in Australia, so I listen to whatever I find. I had this version on my Ipod, so that's what I searched for. I'll look at the Dalida version now as well. It's all good practice for me. :-)
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(Edited to add: The difference in accents is remarkable, and I see I wasn't too far off the mark with the translation. Note to self, search by song title rather than artist.)

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