Illuminata - Arbitrary Asylum

  • Künstler/in: Illuminata
  • Album: Where Stories Unfold (2015)

Arbitrary Asylum

Entombed in every broken soul
looms a light-forsaken place
contorting, breaking, taking toll
leaving scars without a trace
Twinkle, twinkle little light
where are you heading to tonight?
Mirrors mirror lock and key
when the warden sets the pace
and everybody not on edge
is taking too much space
Twinkle, twinkle light of morn
my edges frayed my fabric torn
Your mind implies selective order
Stop struggling let new worlds emerge
unpleasant, unproductive dreams
obstruct your duty to cohere
Wake at the sound
The padding looks peculiar here
Prowling patterns haunting hues
While from a different realm it turns
Its dull yet lurid screws
Beyond the creeping shadows roam
Our torments intertwine
I rave I crave to tear it down
Be their friend and dance
Each inmate died within these walls
and trails the padding all alone
A maze of pain if wandered once
Releases nevermore
Step away now
And still you resist the cold voice of reason
In God's name I will slaughter the savage in your soul
You are the last
You are my masterpiece
Count the animal's legs and prepare to suffer its claws
Cascading darkness beckoned
A serpentine line joined the lost
As one leaves another may arrive
In this world at last
Truly the last
As bones return to dust
and skin crumbles to ash
From sanguine soil
only insanity will bloom
When you have neither won nor lost
And you are not alive or dead
the only wish worth waiting for
is for the clock to reach its end
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