Incondicional (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


I will ask the sun
To illuminate our way
And will ask all the stars
To embellish our destiny.
Take me wherever you go
Hold my hand
Because I know that
You'll be my direction.
We are just like this:
We have so much in common
You left a mark on me
And, in your eyes, I'm not just one more guy
This is how our love is,
As strong as the night,
As perfect as the day
I will climb up to the clouds
To draw your smile on them
And, in the blue sky, I will see
Your eyes shining.
Amid the stars
I'm left floating.
In my finger prints,
There's already a little about you
I'm following your signs
This way, I will never lose you.
It's unconditional
You have the exact shapes
To fit me
On yourself
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