it sucks

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Idiomatische Übersetzungen von „it sucks“

ça me fait suer
полный отстой

Meanings of "it sucks"


It is unpleasant or uneasy

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„it sucks“ in Songtexten

Rammstein - Amour

It nests upon broken hearts
and goes hunting when there are kisses and candles
It sucks tightly on your lips
and digs tunnels through your ribs

3RACHA - I See

I have to struggle more for people who support me
if I'm falling into a huge puddle of mud
even i it sucks me down,I'll swim up
then I'll put my thumbs up like the Terminator

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Two! Three! (Hoping For More Good Days)

I can’t lie like that

Because you’re all idols, it sucks even if I don’t hear it
I don’t like your lyrics, it’s a video even if I don’t see it

Gente de Zona - Give Him the Full Story

That you volunteer to be my accomplice
That you like to party with me
Tell him that I know it sucks, baby
Give him the full story

MFBTY - Shy shy

Yeah they wanna get it they wanna grab it
they wanna have it catch it dammit
Saying I did everything you couldn’t? Is that even slander? It sucks
No matter how much you bark, I’ll kill you

Robin - Boom Kah

You can rest later
It's for nothing to pull stress
It sucks to get freeze
Or press head to the pillow

Ikimono Gakari - Kaeritaku Natta Yo (I Want To Go Home)

Race busily past me

It sucks but I know
Just how useless I am

Fozzey & VanC - Perfect Couple

But for all I know the kid could be his
So don't try and say I'm the one that fucked up
And I know your hearts breaking and it sucks huh
This is it though I'm runnin' out of time to write

Banda Bassotti - Red Moon

Fascism comes like an old man
It sucks the life out of every youth
But can't you hear the shout at the barricade?

Eminem - Space Bound

Bloodsuckin suckubusses what the fuck is up with this
I've tried in this department but I ain't had no luck with this
It sucks but it's exactly what I thought it would be
Like tryin' to start over

Be More Chill (Musical) - Michael in the Bathroom

Knock, knock, knock, knock
It sucks you left me here alone-

Fatal Bazooka - TALK TO MY HAND



Empathy Test - Vampire Town

I need a break from this vampire town
It sucks my blood and leaves me to drown
In a lover's bed I might rest my head

Orelsan - Area

All ungrateful, the state of the world is getting worse
Five grams in the skull is the Holy Grail.
Some crack, others hold, but it sucks, they get
Growing sorrow, but wounds get worse

Static & Ben El Tavori - Silsulim (vocal frills)

The girls here, there's nothing like the girls here. Each of them in color, com'on how tanned are the girls here, it's hot so they drink here, how much they drink here, the temperature goes up so the girls get on the car (easy)
From the heat of the Negev to the Hermon that's how it's in the country that's how it is in Zion - every Saturday on the grass in the stadium
That's how it's in the country that's how it is in Zion - alcohol from Russia, Moroccan food, Ashkenazi violin with a little tina nay nay, even if if from the outside, it looks like it sucks, wallak° we don't complain, even if

Renaud - The Bobos

They like Japanese restaurants and Korean movies
They spend their holidays at Cap Ferret<fn>headland known as a place of leisure for the high French society</fn>
The French Riviera, honestly, it sucks
They mostly watch ARTE<fn>a Franco-German TV network that promotes programming in the areas of culture and the arts</fn>

Fauve ≠ - Criminal

By the time I finish, can you do that?
What bothers you that you walk around the world that would in that way?
Yeah it sucks! I understand dude
But you say you have a chance

Kiiara - Whippin

Phone lit, past three, see you say what’s up
F*ckboy, thought I told you not to hit me up
I got a problem and it sucks, boy
O.T., I’m in love with the fuckboys

Dear Evan Hansen (OST) - Sincerely, Me

We've been way too out of touch
Things have been crazy
And it sucks that we don't talk that much
But I should tell you that I think of you each night

Sfera Ebbasta - Uber

Uuh, when I was little and a BMW passed by
Uuh, I was thinking:"I want a black one and a blue one"
Uuh, I was thinking:" it sucks hanging around by bus"
Uuh, but now I call Uber, vroom