On je poput djeteta (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Crvena Jabuka
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Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch

He is like a child

With the street cleaners he awaited the dawn
Down there in front of the Café "Visoko"
Two sleepy eyes on her window
And the wet brother sang in the corner
Few steps away from his area
The street scum was getting togheter
When he would slowly walk trough the market place
The guard woul yell: "Here comes the mist! Here comes the mist!"
He is, he is like a child
He wants a warm bed
His dear wife is waiting for him
In the night alone, cold
The nights is cold, the night is cold, the night is ice cold
He was known by all small bandits
That hang around in the streets
He was know by even the last smuggler
From the Sebilj* all the way to the Cathedral**
And the locals were scared
Those that don't know the difference between coffee and drugs
At midnight when he visits the gambling places
"Here he comes! Grab your leg! Grab your leg!***"
He watches the cab drivers and the night strollers
In the parks a whole bunch of crazy people
And how to differenciate the coat of a passer by
From the coat of a maniac
And police controll is regular in the sleepy town
And it is almost dawn
Do you call this what you see hope
When they were 100 vs 1, 100 vs 1
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Kommentare des Autors:

*Sebilj - a fountain in Sarajevo where water is dispensed to everyone who wants to drink it
**Cathedral - He means the "Katedrala Srca Isusova" in Sarajevo
***Grab your leg - Slang for "Run as fast as you can" or "get the fu*k out of here"


On je poput djeteta

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