Je veux te voir (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

I Want To See You

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1. Cuizinier (a French rapper) with your dick surrounded by red pubes
2. I don't believe that you believe that you think that someone wants you
3. I don't believe it in the dark, even if you keep your pyjamas
4. Even if you keep your nightgown, as a tacky tee-shirt
5. Keep your shirt because it won't look as bad
6. I want to see you
7. In a porn movie
8. In action with your dick
9. Its shape be potatoes or french fries
10. So I can know all about
11. Your anatomy
12. On your cousin Teki
13. And your fetish accessories
14. Cuizi, what is it?
15. Your favourite position
16. Your Olympic performance
17. But you've got nothing orgasmic
18. You're all naked
19. Under your apron
20. Ready to whip it out
21. But I admit, you did nothing
22. You dream about a flourescent Hummer
23. Drawn by Akroe
24. But you didn't let yourself
25. You always take the subway
26. Superstar at night, your life returns to normal after
28.You don't need sunglasses to hide, no one knows who you are
29.Your green card awaits you, man
30. These words aren't just floating in the air
31. I succeded in doing you
32. One with my scanner
33. Entry is free tonight
34. That's the only reason anyone comes
35. So the girls walk
36. Yes we're going to the Chippendales
37. We didn't think we'd spent the night with clowns
38. We wanted pecs, guys muscular like bulls
39. Your Lil' Jon posters cover up the ones of Magic Johnson
40. Your body is too lame for you to dunk
41. Cuiziner it's you I want to see
42. You I want to see tonight
43. You're humiliated by a girl that raps better than you
44. I can count the people in her on my two hands
45. All the dressed up girls like me know what you look like naked
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There are some odd references in this song. They don't really make sense in french either.

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Je veux te voir