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Every night

Every night
Every day
Reminds me of you again
Onto every frosty window
I'd like to write your name
The river is frozen
The windows are leaking
I'm made of cold crystal
And ground frost is forcing you deeper into the end
You're not ever coming back from there
No matter how far and hard I'm screaming
You can't hear my pray anyway
No matter how lovely and long I'm asking
Every night
And every day
Reminds me of you again
I'm wearing your clothes again
I keep the curtains drawn in the daytime
Also the cat is on the verge of falling asleep
And yearning lays a mourning weed upon the field
I'm never going to get this coldness to cease
I crawl through the snow
The freeze frowns on me
Get back inside, what takes you so long
But also inside, the air is so very freezing
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Jokainen yö

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