Jusqu'à l'ivresse (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Until The Rapture

We must choose His path
Follow His destiny
Until the Rapture
To go heart unfulfilled
Drink the water of life
Until the Rapture
To love without restraint nor taboo
Until the end of days
Until the Rapture
To leave with a smile
Until the Rapture
We must sing
In full voice
A forest of hallelujahs
To believe in the hope
Which defeats the darkness
To play the winner
A heart holds
The Devil inside
And even worse
Until the Rapture
And then to take all His time
To live for the moment
Until the Rapture
To want the things that we have
That we don't have
Until the Rapture
To attempt the path of Glory
Until victory
Until the Rapture
One is never truly sure
Of one's thoughts, of one's instincts
But despite everything, we must try
We must sing life, love, liberty
Until the Rapture
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Jusqu'à l'ivresse

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