Küçük Kadın (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Jehan Barbur (Jehan İstiklal Barbur)
  • Lied: Küçük Kadın
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Little woman

little woman is the lover of this world.
The little man hasn't raised his own heart yet.
They’ve met each other, touched one another, raised hands
There’ve been unspoken words
Whose magic this was..
The roads are unceasing It’s time of the truth
At smoky afternoon, do I find myself?
This is the way, it will take you away without raising me,
This is for the last time in your life when life leaves me tiny.
The roads are unceasing The time is witnesses
The eyes always lie, but songs are truth.
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The eyes always lie, but songs are truth.

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Küçük Kadın