Selin Atasoy - Kıyamam (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Poor You

I neither have stars in my eyes,
Nor have eye on goods/property
Only you are important, love, in my life
I cannot take/stand (even) one tear
In your eyes
Poor you
In this way/road, neither longing ends, nor my love to you
Only you are emir, love, in my life
I have no objection, it's the fire, (i want it to) don't touch you
Poor you
You're the least, most mistakes that happen to me
Ah you
Although everything, my sins are heaven to me
You who's I fall in love abundantly along the nights
Ah you
Who's I yearn for your odor, who's I mess with sleeps
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Super Girl    Mo, 20/11/2017 - 16:45

Thank you, Sía! :-) I was waiting so much for this English translation. Peace&love!