Maskinen - Kärlek vid sista ögonkastet (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Love At Last Sight

This is difficult to explain
perhaps not just a normal song on my weekday
Highs and lows, I gave you my heart
just straight out, hmm this is my bad habit
For it is so sometimes, I know
it takes time and I think I know
What we did wrong, passionately
but uncontrolled, ha, idiots
And I just want to know how it feels
think back and just remember our sequence
Our moments we had, thoughts ideas
your smell in your neck, kisses and laughs
to the last time we shared a spliff on the balcony
sat up there all night
And I remember when I felt lousy
you said I can take our last
It will work, must work
somewhere where there is our place
It will work, must work
somewhere where there is our place
The only person who took up my thoughts
24/7.. Baby Saudade, as a Brazilian would say!
And I thought I should be safe
we do it together and she has my back
Oh shit how I love you
despite that I hardly knew what those words meant
And I don't even know it today
it went too fast, we turned the page
from such a relationship it takes a long time to cool off
The best sex I had in my whole life
I almost I almost feel ashamed to say it out loud
sometimes, we skip the talk and just do what we want
It felt almost redundant to use my voice, okay
Damn how sick that one can feel such passion
we ate and drank & cried and we laughed and we came together
Like best friends who have taken it to the next level
Where we just hoped but got to see what happened!
Chorus x2
For she was best, try and top it yeah
For she was best, try and top it yeah
For she was best, but never coming back
For she is flying away like a paper airplane!
Frej Larsson;
Little baby I can't stay behind
I fuck up your organized life
I've been rapping in a lot of money
all you want you can get, but no safe future
I've packed my things,
on the way out from out apartment now soon it's yours
Would just like to crawl into bed and
say sorry that it became how it is
For I'm coming like a snowstorm with a tankard around the neck
And winning your heart but fleeing away
to the next as soon as I have some responsibility
For I understand very well that it's mine,
the so-called blood in my veins
come from my dad,
but intending to start my family so fast it goes bad
The social legacy is right again
and it goes beyond my best friend
I love you, so we'll perhaps perhaps perhaps see eachother again!
Chorus x times
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Kommentare des Autors:

Saudade is a Brazilian Portuguese word that describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.

Unsure on the translation of höganäskrus runt halsen Confused smile


Kärlek vid sista ögonkastet

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