Elena Paparizou - Katse Kala (Κάτσε καλά) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Be Good (Behave)

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Keep opening champagne bottles baby
till I am wasted
bring me full glasses
and keep them coming till I feel dizzy
I don't do favors easily
did you think I'd get scared
It's Saturday and I'm out to have fun
refill, let me drink
I've learnt to take risks
to hit the gas till it breaks
and if I skid, what's the harm
one more bump isn't a problem
I don't wanna break
I'll dance even if I crush
I want to start spinning baby
that's the way I like living.
Be good, be good
be good, be good...
Be good
be good, be good...
boys like you
there are plenty.
I've traveled all around the world
and you won't believe sweetheart
I've learnt what love is
it's like a myth for young children
Look at me and tell me the truth
I didn't get what you're asking of me
did you believe in love
and you don't dare
and you don't touch me
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Katse Kala (Κάτσε καλά)