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Englisch Übersetzung

The tempter of tempters

They would talk about love
whisper about tenderness
they would promise a kingdom
would give you everything
if only you sold your mind
for the fixed price
you would never again, questioning
doubt everything
For thine would be the kingdom, the power,the glory
But if inside you has been written
an insatiable wanderer
the tempter of tempters
if inside you has been written
a tireless harasser
the eternal fighter
If inside you has been written
the skeptic of skeptics
frail from love
will the luck break along the winter
golden crops flatten to the ground?
They would take you in their troops
teach the hand signs
a smile, to hide
the great and massive emptyness
if only you'll let down your guard
believe them to be your brothers
make the cause your own
you'll dry dead standing, you'll disappear
For thine would be the kingdom, the power, the glory
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Kiusaajien kiusaaja

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