Κόψε και μοίρασε (Kopse kai moirase) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch ÜbersetzungEnglisch (metrisch, reimend, singbar)

Cut and Deal Me In

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What is this change? What’s been stripped?
It’s as if into a celestial light
some black ink had been dripped.
Where are you? Lost? Why do your eyes turn aside?
What truth have you hid behind this infernal disguise?
Does it, perhaps, hide a lie?
I’ll look right into your eyes.
I’ll ask and ask until you reply,
Crash and crash upon your rocks,
until at last this silence stops.
Cut the cards, lover, and deal me in.
Love is best when played by two going all-in:
Two laughing at the same inside joke,
Two heats rubbed together can defeat cold,
Two souls sharing alike both the sinful and holy.
Cut the cards, lover, and deal me in.
Love is best when played by two going all-in:
Two clenched boxers, two embattled heroes,
Two people for “I do’s” and “Adio’s,”
Two for sharing everything or a row of zeros.
What’s grown faded? What got broken?
It’s almost as if from upstairs, handfuls of glass were being thrown down.
Who was in the wrong? And whom should I let go?
Should I take you back in my arms again?
Or should I jump down your throat?
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Kommentare des Autors:

This is not a word-by-word translation. Instead, it is my attempt to capture not only the imagery and ideas of the original lyrics, but also (as much as possible) the strong musicality of the language (which involves end-rhyme, meter, repetition, and other sound-patterns).

There's already an English translation on the site that sticks closer to the exact meanings of the words in the Greek original.

In my own version, I tried to repeat the exact syllable count of each line in the original, allowing the text to be synced to the original music.

Κόψε και μοίρασε (Kopse kai moirase)

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